Udaariyaan 12th September 2022 Nehmat hates Naaz

Udaariyaan 12th September 2022 Nehmat hates Naaz

Udaariyaan 12th September 2022 Nehmat hates Naaz Udaariyaan episode spoiler – Nehmat hates Naaz Tejo asks Nehmat why did she come suddenly from her grandmother’s home and if Naaz said something to her which made her upset. She says that she doesn’t want to go to her grandmother’s home anymore. Tejo says that she always wanted a sister. Nehmat says that she doesn’t want a sister and declares that she hates Naaz. Tejo and Fateh are shocked. Naaz cries in her room while Nehmat also cries. Both are girls are sorrowful, because of Jasmin’s evil deeds committed in the past.

Meet episode spoiler – Barfi accuses Mrs. Meet:

Barfi says that only Mr. and Mrs. Meet knew about the money present in the locker and the third person didn’t have the keys. Mrs. Meet is stunned. Barfi asks her to accept that she stole the money. Mrs. Meet promises Harshvardhan that she will find the thief. She asks Ganesha to help her in finding the thief who stole the money from the office.


Muskuraane Ki Vajah Tum Ho episode spoiler – Uma blesses Manju:

Katha tells Kabir that she is ready to leave the house if he wishes to compensate for whatever mistake she did unintentionally. Deepa informs Katha that Uma is calling her and takes her away. Uma gives a goddess’s idol to Manju and says that she will bless her with a child soon. Manju becomes happy and Uma hugs her. Katha wonders where is Kabir and says that she is scared of this silence.

Pishachini episode spoiler – Pavithra warns Rocky:

Dadaji informs Pavithra that in order to defeat a wicked Pishachini like Rani they too have to show some cleverness. He gets up from his wheelchair fit and fine. Pavithra is stunned. She informs Rocky that Rani is a deadly Pishachini.


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