Pandya Store Upcoming 14th September 2022 Shweta caught

Pandya Store Upcoming 14th September 2022 Shweta caught

Pandya Store Upcoming 14th September 2022 Shweta caught Shweta plans her child’s kidnapping to get her freedom back. Suman was celebrating her birthday with the family. Shweta adds the drugs in the cake. The entire family except Raavi eat the cake and faint down. Raavi gets help from Arnav. They call the police and the medical help. Raavi gets the entire family to consciousness. The family doesn’t know what had happened to them. Raavi tells the inspector that she just left the family for sometime, and this occurred. She recalls and tells that she didn’t eat the cake like the entire family did. The family realize that someone had drugged them by spiking the cake. Raavi tells that Chiku is missing. Dhara gets conscious. She asks Raavi about Chiku.

She gets crying when she learns that Chiku got kidnapped. Police tells that it’s a case of child kidnapping. Dhara gets inconsolable. She asks Gautam and Raavi to help her find Chiku. She asks Raavi to make a video and ask the people to help Chiku. Rishita suspects Shweta. The doctors and staff take the blood samples for all the family members. Shweta makes an excuse to go aside. Rishita watches her and asks her about skipping the protocol. She asks Shweta why didn’t she give the blood sample. She tells Shweta that she will call the doctor to take Shweta’s blood sample. She shocks Shweta. Shweta falls into trouble when Raavi and Rishita outdo her smartness. Shweta doesn’t want to get caught for planning her son’s kidnapping. Dhara runs out of the house to find Chiku, but the family members stop her. How will Dhara find Chiku? Will Shweta get exposed? Keep reading.

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