Muskuraane Ki Vajah 16th September 2022 Katha revelation

Muskuraane Ki Vajah 16th September 2022 Katha revelation

Muskuraane Ki Vajah 16th September 2022 Katha revelation Maasa discovers that Katha is pregnant with someone else’s child rather than Kabir. She finds it unacceptable. She humiliates Katha in front of everyone, and then even Madhu insults Katha who couldn’t get a father for her baby. Uma and Manyata feel sorry for Katha, when they see the entire family shooting bitter remarks at her. Maasa blames Katha for keeping Kabir in darkness and naming someone’s baby to him. Kabir replies to Maasa saying he knew about Katha’s pregnancy before his marriage, and even then he accepted her because he fell in love with her honesty and simplicity.

Maasa tells that Katha can’t stay in their house, and she isn’t her bahu from now onwards. She wants Kabir to end ties with her. Kabir pacifies Katha that he is with her. Madhu further targets Katha by pointing on her character. She tells that Katha got pregnant by her lover, maybe that guy left her knowing her clever intentions. Katha gets enraged on hearing the taunts on her character. Yuvraj is worried thinking the baby is of him. He gets thinking if Katha will take his name in anger.


It so happens that Katha breaks her silence and reveals the truth about her pregnancy to the family. She tells everyone that her baby belongs to the family, because Yuvraj has fathered her child. Kabir didn’t know that Yuvraj is Rahul, who cheated Katha. He is shocked to hear what she said. Katha reveals that Yuvraj met her as Rahul to cheat her in love and impregnated her. The entire family is shocked by the revelation, and Yuvraj fears the worst for himself.

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