Swaran Ghar Upcoming 19th September 2022 Swaran’s arrest

Swaran Ghar Upcoming 19th September 2022 Swaran's arrest

Swaran Ghar Upcoming 19th September 2022 Swaran’s arrest Swaran and Shorvori rush to the police station to save Nakul. Swaran tells the inspector that she admits her children made a mistake and she is ready to accept the mistake and apologize to the customers. She assures that she will fix whatever has gone wrong. The lady scolds her for spoiling her face and now trying to say sorry. Swaran tells that she isn’t just saying sorry, but she really promising that she will treat them and relieve their pain. Inspector asks her is she Nakul and Vikram’s mother, Swaran Bedi. She answers with a yes. He asks the constable to get the handcuffs for her.

He tells that she is the owner of the company, she is under arrest for the fraud. Vikram hides himself and reaches there to watch Swaran’s arrest. He gets Swaran into trouble and saves himself. He tells that Swaran has to pay a price for being the MD of the company. He smirks in an evil way, that shows he didn’t realize his mistakes. Swaran is shocked when she gets arrested. She asks Shorvori to inform Ajit about her arrest. Ajit is too unwell to help Swaran. Will Arjun come to Swaran’s rescue? Keep reading.


Sasural Simar Ka 2:
Chaya’s soul is inside Reema’s body. Simar, Vivaan and the family are not aware of this. Mayakshi asks Chaya not to play hide and seek with her, because she knows the truth. She asks Chaya to just kill Simar. She tells that Simar has to die. Simar will be facing a big challenge. Mayakshi tells that she will let Chaya live her life, but Chaya has to kill Simar. Chaya agrees and goes to stab Simar. Aarav sees this and is deeply shocked. He shouts to save Simar.


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