Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st September 2022 Good News

Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st September 2022 Good News

Banni Chow Home Delivery 21st September 2022 Good News Banni and Yuvan have cute romantic moments. Yuvan finds his brother and Bhabhi romancing, singing and dancing together. He laughs seeing them. Banni feels love for Yuvan. He is really happy that he has met his favorite rockstar Agastya. Yuvan also wants to become a rockstar. Banni wants Yuvan’s dream to get fulfilled. Banni and Agastya have a clash. Agastya gets impressed with Yuvan’s singing when the latter is behind the curtain and performing. Later, when Agastya gets to see Yuvan, he changes his mind of grooming him. Banni interrupts Agastya, who misbehaves with Yuvan in front of the crowd.

Banni is glad that Yuvan has won the people’s support. The people boycott Agastya Kapoor who didn’t support Yuvan’s talent just because he isn’t mentally strong. Agastya faces the people’s wrath. He tells that he can’t make a mentally weak person a rockstar. The show producer reaches the place and announces that Agastya’s decision about Yuvan is wrong, Agastya has been partial and hence he is removed from the judge’s position. Agastya gets angered that Banni is the reason for his destruction. He wants Banni to pay a price for her mistake.

Bade Acche Lagte Hai 2:


Priya consumes the alcohol assuming it to be apple juice. Ram and Pihu try to handle a drunk Priya. Pihu is happy to see their cute banter after a long time. She finds them happy from their hearts. Ram asks Priya to have lemonade and sleep. Priya stops Ram with her. She asks him not to go anywhere leaving her. Ram and Priya profess their feelings. Priya admits her thoughts which she didn’t let Ram know before. Ram drops Priya on the floor, when Pihu enters the room. Priya and Pihu team up and tease Ram, calling him a copycat. Ram also gets drunk, when Vedika changes the lemonade and sends a hard drink instead. Ram puts Priya to sleep after much difficulty. Pihu tells that she will take care of her cute mumma.

Channa Mereya:
Ginni gets shot by the goon while saving Aditya. She wants Aditya to have faith in his family. Aditya is stunned that Ginni came in front of him and took the bullet on herself. Ginni’s family takes her to the hospital. Aditya cries for Ginni. His heart starts melting for his wife. Aditya and Ginni’s love story will start from this point.


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