Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir loses Prachi 22nd September 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir loses Prachi 22nd September 2022

Kumkum Bhagya Ranbir loses Prachi 22nd September 2022 Ranbir gets scared for Prachi’s life. Ranbir thinks Prachi has left him forever. He tries to get Prachi to consciousness, but to no avail. Rhea is more than happy to see Prachi non-responsive. Ranbir can’t live without Prachi. A thought of losing Prachi forever shakes up Ranbir, and makes him realize what big mistake he was committing by cutting off ties with her. Ranbir breaks down when Prachi doesn’t open her eyes.

Imlie Season 2: Chini lies about visiting a temple and takes Imlie along. Ruby asks Imlie to accompany Chini and come back soon. Chini has her own plans. She wants to attend Atharva’s music concert. She takes Imlie with her, and feels annoyed by her presence. She deserts Imlie in the crowd. Atharva regrets his bad equations with his dad. Later, he comes across Imlie by fate, but Chini intervenes to win Atharva’s heart.



Pallavi throws a party at home for the elderly ladies. She also invites Ishaan’s family. Nandita gets a new twist in the party. Pallavi is affected by Sonali’s presence. Dadi asks Nandita the reason for her coming. Nandita asks her what is happening. Dadi tells that Nikhil will answer her doubts. Nandita shows a ticket. She asks Pallavi is the lottery ticket belongs to her. She calls it unlucky just like Pallavi. Nandita goes on humiliating Pallavi in front of the family.

Saavi Ki Savaari:
Sonam wants to marry Nityam. She tells that she will see how Saavi reaches the mandap. She burns Saavi’s Kundali. She tells that Saavi’s Kundali is finished, now she will become Nityam’s wife. She unknowingly puts off the havan fire. Saavi gets married to Nityam because their fates are connected. Saavi becomes Nityam’s wife when many evil forces were trying hard to stop their union.


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