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Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran vows

Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran vows

Swaran Ghar 20th September 2022 Upcoming Swaran vows Swaran gets saved and also saves Nakul, just because of Ajit, who didn’t trust her sons and did all the formalities beforehand knowing the upcoming problems. She feels indebted to Ajit. She brings Nakul home. Aarav asks her if she has saved Nakul. Shorvori tells that Ajit has saved both Swaran and Nakul. Aarav happily tells that Ajit is a powerman, he can do anything. Swaran hugs Aarav. Nakul and Kiran get shelter in Swaran’s house. Shorvori finds Swaran making some rashes relief cream for those who got affected by the faulty cream. She asks Swaran what will she do next.

Swaran tells that she will find Vikram, because the case didn’t end yet. Nakul stays tight-lipped. Bebe wants Swaran’s children to understand her worth. She also wishes that Swaran accepts Ajit as her life partner. On the other hand, Arjun gets totally prepared to meet Swaran and propose her for marriage, after he gets Rajeshwari’s consent for his marriage with Swaran. Arjun wishes Swaran ends his loneliness.

Na Umra Ki Seema Ho:

Dev and Vidhi set out on a mission to find the illegal occurrence at the factory. Dev finds an excuse to enter the factory. Dev and Vidhi get into trouble when they get caught by the thugs occupying the factory. They learn that the children are made to work in the factory illegally. Vidhi makes blunders while dealing with the thugs. She still encourages the children. Dev bravely fights the goons and saves the children. He makes arrangements at the NGO for the kids. He doesn’t want anyone to see him doing a great deed.

Vidhi asks him to meet the kids, who are waiting to meet the generous helpful person. He doesn’t want to reveal his identity to the kids. He tells that his mum has no idea about his social work. She asks him to trust his mum, she will be proud of him. She asks him to meet the kids, he can encourage and inspire others to do such social work. He promises to spend time with the kids when he visits them next time.



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