Bade Acche Lagte 21st September 2022 Ram fights Priya

Bade Acche Lagte 21st September 2022 Ram fights Priya

Bade Acche Lagte 21st September 2022 Ram fights Priya Ram looks forward to talk to Pihu and tell her that he is her father. Priya’s drunken episode delays his plan. Vedika falls unconscious, but luckily doesn’t get caught by Ram. Shubham rescues her in time. He doesn’t think Nandini and he need someone like Vedika for her plotting. Nandini tells that they need someone to take the blame in case Ram senses their plans. She wants to use Vedika for her advantage. Ram stops himself from telling Pihu that he is her dad. Later, Nandini makes Ram and Priya against. Ram suspects Priya’s intentions.

Priya tells Ram that she wants Pihu to stay with him. She cries while convincing Ram of her truth. Nandini proves that Ram that Priya was running away with Pihu. Priya tells that she wants Pihu to get Ram’s love, because he is her dad and has a right on her. She tells that Pihu and Ram, both have a right on each other’s love. Nandini brings Pihu there and makes her hear the truth. Pihu is shaken with the truth that Ram is her dad. Priya doesn’t want any custody battle. Ram tells Priya that he isn’t wrong if he wants to file for custody, he wants the sole custody, he doesn’t want Priya to meet Pihu. He asks Priya to give him one reason to stop himself from filing the custody case.



Sonali spikes the water to make Pallavi sleep for long hours. Dadi gets worried for Pallavi when she doesn’t wake up. She asks Nikhil to call a doctor quickly. She doesn’t feel good. Nikhil asks his mom to stay tension free. He calls the doctor for Pallavi. Sonali makes Nikhil away from his phone. She makes sure that Nikhil performs the puja with her. Pallavi gets conscious. She rushes for the morning puja. She is much worried seeing Sonali taking her place in the family.


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