Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update Stern Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update Stern Preeran

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update Stern Preeran After Preeta and Arjun’s cute banter, Preeta remembers that she has to visit a temple before heading to her mum’s house. Preeta tells Arjun that she has to go to the temple. She asks him if he is also going. Karan asks her to go and come, he will wait for her in the car. Prithvi is thrown in the lockup. He argues with the inspector to get his freedom and peace. Inspector gives him a last warning. Prithvi shouts that Arjun has framed him, he didn’t do anything wrong with Preeta or anything else. Inspector doesn’t trust him. Karan also goes to the temple when his heart tends to follow Preeta. Rishabh also reaches the temple at the same time. He gets to see Preeta there. Will Rishabh find Preeta with Arjun, and learn the school incident? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Mahesh feels proud of Shrishti. He asks her to take Sameer’s help. She tells that she also has a team to work with. Mahesh tells that Shrishti can never be wrong. Preeta’s car breaks down. Karan finds her in trouble. He offers her help. He tells that he can drop her home. She tells that she can go by her own. He tells that he is just offering her lift. She asks him about the meeting with Rishabh. He tells that the meeting got cancelled. He asks her to just come. She tells that she wants to go to her mom’s house. Kavya’s teacher gives him a smile and waves to him. Karan gives her a flying kiss, surprising Preeta. Preeta asks him why is he flirting with that girl. He tells that he knows that girl likes him for various good qualities he possesses.

Kundali Bhagya 22nd September 2022 Written Update Stern Preeran:


Shrishti rushes to invite Janki and Biji. Sameer wonders why is she such strange. Mahesh asks him why did he just offer fake help. Sameer tells that he really wanted to help. He offers lift to Shrishti. She tells that she doesn’t want his help. Mahesh tells that Shrishti is amazing, Sameer doesn’t deserve her, he should value her. Sameer tells that he values her, but he is also good. Mahesh doesn’t agree with him. Karan asks Preeta if he should play songs. She tells that she is thinking something. He asks her what is she thinking. She tells that she isn’t thinking much.

She asks him to drive slow. She feels scared. He gets Anjali’s call. She asks him to stop the car aside and take the call. He tells that its not important. He asks her not to worry, he can safely drive, he likes to drive in speed. Anjali tells that Arjun has put her in an embarrassing situation. She feels Arjun has let down Rishabh by making him wait. Preeta asks Karan to drive slow, or answer the call. He doesn’t listen. Preeta sees a temple and shouts at Arjun to stop the car. Karan tries to protect her and ends up hitting her. She tells that she wants to visit the temple. He asks her to go.

She asks him if he is coming. He lets her go alone. He feels happy spending time with her. He takes Anjali’s call. She asks him where is he. He tells that he is with a business meeting. He lies to her. He follows Preeta. Anjali calls Rishabh to update about Arjun’s business. Rishabh thanks her for the update. Karan and Preeta pray at the temple. Rishabh also reaches the same temple. Karan doesn’t find Preeta happy. He thinks she should love Rishabh, but her eyes doesn’t reflect that love. Rishabh helps a lady and doesn’t see Arjun.

Karan watches Preeta worshipping. He wishes that she gets whatever she wants. She prays for Karan’s happiness. He finds her saree catching fire by the diya. She doesn’t notice this. Karan is shocked to see her saree burning. He puts off the fire by his hands. He asks her does she have any sense, that temple have diyas everywhere, she should be careful, she could have got burnt. She tells that he doesn’t need to make noise, they are standing in a temple. He calls her a thankless person. Preeta stumbles. Arjun holds her to help. Rishabh makes an entry in the temple. He hears the people talking about the lovely couple. Karan asks Preeta to learn to walk, say sorry and thank you.

He tells that he will wait for her in the car. Rishabh misses to see Arjun and Preeta. He prays for Karan’s happiness. Karan’s behavior confuses Preeta. She thinks what is he in actual, he fights, he also saves life and scolds with rights. She gives him a smile. Karan stays angry on her. Karan and Preeta’s banter goes on. Shrishti discusses the work with Janki and Biji. She dreams of opening an event company. She gets Sameer’s call. She doesn’t take the call even on Janki’s insistence. Biji asks Shrishti did she fight with Sameer before coming.

Shrishti tells that Sameer will come to help on his own. She answers the call and acts really busy. Sameer asks her to carry on the work, he will come home and talk to her. Janki tells that Sameer won’t come here, but meet her at Luthra house. Prithvi tells Inspector that he is innocent. Inspector lectures him. Prithvi requests permission to make a phone call, because its his legal right. He gets help from a fellow in the lockup. Karan drops Preeta home. He asks her to say thank you. She tells that she isn’t getting a voice from her heart to thank him. She makes an excuse that she will say thanks when she wants. He tells that she will never change. He calls her by the nickname Karan gave to her. She hears it and stops to see him.

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