Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Suman warns Krish

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Suman warns Krish

Pandya Store 22nd September 2022 Suman warns Krish The entire Pandya family oppose Krish and Shweta’s marriage at first, but later give up on seeing Krish’s deliberate efforts to settle in his life. Krish tells Dhara that he isn’t making any sacrifice to keep Chiku at home with her. The family decides to support Krish. Shweta’s parents give her an ultimatum. They ask Shweta to marry Krish or else she can leave the house and go away. They tell that they have named their property to Chiku, and the one who looks after Chiku will get the rights on the property.

Shweta gets afraid that she will lose everything. She agrees to marry Krish, when Pandyas expect her to refuse for the alliance. Shweta arrives home to accept Krish’s proposal. Dhara is much delighted that Shweta has finally agreed for marriage. She thanks Shweta for accepting Krish as her life partner. She hopes Shweta and Krish stay happy together. Rishita is against the alliance, just like Suman. She tells that she can’t trust Shweta, whose intentions towards Chiku aren’t clear. She adds that she suspects Shweta to be behind Chiku’s kidnapping. Krish and Shweta decide to marry for their own motives. Krish wants Chiku in the house. He wants Dhara to have Chiku with her. Shweta wants the property. She can’t be a guardian for Chiku for 18 years.

She decides to marry Krish to fulfil her parents’ condition. She tells Krish that she has made her mind so she is in front of him. He asks her if she is sure that she won’t change her decision later. Shweta tells him that she won’t regret, they can know each other after the marriage, they won’t have any time to regret. Krish tells that they shall get married at some temple right away. Shweta’s parents are more than happy. Suman warns Krish against marrying Shweta, because he will never be happy. She asks him to forget his mum and never show his face again if he dares to go against her decision and marry Shweta. It’s a big dilemma for Krish, though the family attempts to calm down Suman and make her accept Shweta.


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