Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Spoilers Vikram’s arrest

Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Spoilers Vikram's arrest

Swaran Ghar 22nd September 2022 Spoilers Vikram’s arrest Swaran gets Vikram arrested when she finds him having no regrets over his mistake. Vikram feels dejected. He tells that he wishes she wasn’t his mother, since she didn’t do justice with him. Swaran tolerates his bitterness. He asks her to think once again, she isn’t doing right. Swaran doesn’t fall weak this time. She watches Vikram going away. Arjun asks Swaran to just call him whenever she needs help. He makes her promise. Ajit stands far and gets to see Swaran promising Arjun. He thinks Swaran will call her new friend Arjun from now, instead him. He feels upset.

Harphool Mohini:

Harphool doesn’t want Mohini to go anywhere and work, without his permission. Mohini doesn’t want to work in the fields. Harphool and his mum command her to work in the field. Mohini breaks down while working in the field. Harphool cares for Mohini, and also teaches her the farming. He also takes a step in favor of Mohini’s dreams. He apologizes to Mohini to end the matter. She tells that he has hurt her heart a lot. He doesn’t know how to convince her.



Pari learns about Neeti’s pregnancy. Rajeev looks for Pari. He enquires about Pari at the hospital, and learns that she is dead. He goes to check the dead body in the morgue. He doesn’t see Pari. He feels relieved that Pari is okay. Later, Pari returns home by following Matarani’s hint. Rajeev’s mum is much angered after knowing his deceive to Pari. She tells Pari that she is with her. She commands Rajeev to end his ties with Neeti, and keep his marriage with Pari. Rajeev is speechless. Pari asks Rajeev’s mum to accept Neeti as her Bahu, because of the truth that Rajeev and family deserves of know. She discloses that Neeti is pregnant. Rajeev is in a bigger shock. Pari is ready to end her marriage and sacrifice her love for the sake of Neeti’s coming baby.


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