Banni Chow Chahatein Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022

Banni Chow Chahatein Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022

Banni Chow Chahatein Channa Mereya 22nd September 2022 Banni and Yuvan learn that Agastya is a kind person. They get to know about Agastya’s good-heartedness. Agastya is helpful towards everyone. Banni feels guilty that she misunderstood Agastya a lot and caused harm to his reputation. Producer Param tells Agastya that he has made him a star, else Agastya was just an ordinary guy. Param tells that Agastya should always remember his real status. Banni and Yuvan reach Agastya to make an apology to him. Agastya arrives home to meet them. Banni gets tensed thinking Agastya has not accepted her apology.

Yeh Hai Chahatein:


Armaan is happy that Kalindi didn’t get caught and did his work easily. Pihu suspects Vidyut that he is the offender in Kalindi’s matter. Rudra can’t see Raj in jail. Sharda asks Rudra to not go alone, else Kalindi may put any blame on him as well. She asks him to take Vanshika along. Pihu and Prisha reach Kalindi’s house. They find out that Kalindi has already left the city. Pihu tells that Raj is innocent, its tough to prove Kalindi’s false allegations now. Rudra and Vanshika also arrive to meet Kalindi. They learn about Kalindi’s absence. Rudra finds out Kalindi’s location. He informs Pihu. Prisha tells that she will also come along. They reach the hotel and catch Kalindi. Rudra asks Kalindi why did she blame Raj with a false allegation. Kalindi gets stressed on getting caught. She agrees to tell them the truth.

Channa Mereya:

Aditya’s behavior changes towards Ginni after she saves his life. He feels guilty. Armaan questions his feelings for Ginni. He asks Aditya if he finds Ginni close to his heart. Aditya has really developed fondness for Ginni. He doesn’t understand his feelings. He takes much care of Ginni to help her recover soon. Ginni is also surprised to see Aditya’s big change. Aditya fills the sindoor in Ginni’s hairline. He brings her home. He decides to give her the love she deserves. He asks her to recall the shooter’s face. Ginni recalls Amber and exposes his truth to Aditya. Aditya confronts Amber about the attack.


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