Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update Pranbir wreck

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update Pranbir wreck

Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update Pranbir wreck Prachi questions Ranbir’s feeling by gaining much courage. Ranbir is hurt that Prachi isn’t having a clear mind about their relation. He tells that he doesn’t know how she got such a question on her mind, but when she has asked it, then he will answer her. He dismisses all the feelings that was shaking his heart before she came to him. He tells that he has no feelings for her, he would have saved any girl in her place by doing the same thing. She wants to believe what he told before. He asks her to believe what he is saying right now, knowing a person doesn’t lie when he is drunk. They both hide their tears from each other. He tells that he doesn’t love Prachi now. His heart wants Prachi, but he lies to himself that Prachi isn’t of him now. He convinces his heart that Prachi is of someone else now.

Earlier in the show, Prachi tells that even he made many promises to her, they should not talk of the past. She asks him to think well and answer her. He tells that nobody can solve their complicated relation. She remembers his words. He asks her what does she want to ask. She tells that he saved her life, was his intention only to save her life or did he have something else in his heart, did he have any feeling for her. Ranbir recalls their ugly argument. He likes her question. He tells that he has no feelings for her, he was just trying to save her life. He asks her to believe what he is saying now, because he is drunk, it testifies that he is saying the truth. He silently weeps. He tells her that he has no feelings for her, he doesn’t want to bound her, because she belongs to someone else, she should marry Sid and settle down.

Rhea asks Prachi to prove it if she really wants the family’s happiness. Prachi tells that she will prove it. Prachi adds that she just wishes the family’s happiness, she loves the family and prays for them always. She tells Rhea that she will get engaged to Sid to prove this to the Kohli family. Rhea thinks her purpose is getting fulfilled easily. She has instigated Prachi to get engaged to Sid.


Kumkum Bhagya 23rd September 2022 Written Update Pranbir wreck:

Ranbir asks Prachi to get married to Sid and settle somewhere abroad. He tells that he wants to see the sign of his love, not any sign of her deceive. He gets drunk and leaves from the house. He recalls Prachi and Sid’s affair truth and their coming baby. He feels cheated. He races the car and shouts Prachi’s name. He cries profusely. He throws the bottle away. Ranbir hits the car somewhere. He gets hurt. He sits near the car and weeps. He doesn’t know how he will live without Prachi. He feels he has no existence without Prachi. On the other hand, Sid looks for Prachi. He comes to meet her in her room. Prachi asks him to get lost. She hates him.

He tells that she wants the good for everyone, even her enemies, she is a good person, who can forgive the wrong doers too. She tells that she will hate him, since he has broken her trust. She asks him isn’t he ashamed to lie about their illegitimate affair. She tells him that she didn’t have any brother, she has seen him as a brother and took care for her, even he has regarded her as a sister before. She asks him about his filthy lie about their pure relation. She tells that she deserves to know the reason for his lie. Sid is helpless. He tells her that he can’t tell her the truth. He wishes he was strong enough to tell her the truth. She calls him a liar. She calls him evil. He finds Aaliya keeping an eye on him. He doesn’t reveal the truth. Aaliya calls Sid. Sid leaves. Prachi asks Sid to answer her instead running away. Aaliya mocks Prachi’s love for Sid.

She tells that she has come on wrong time to disturb the lovers. Prachi doesn’t want to talk to her. Once Aaliya goes, Rhea pops up to irritate Prachi. Rhea tells that she got a lovely saree for Prachi’s engagement. She asks Prachi to look beautiful on her special day. She wishes all the best to Prachi. Prachi sheds tears. She goes after Rhea to stop her. Rhea wants Prachi to tell Pallavi that she doesn’t want to marry Sid. She expects Prachi to rebel. Prachi asks her why did she gets the engagement dress, is she so happy. Rhea tells that she is just being a good sister to Prachi.

Prachi remarks that Rhea isn’t a good sister, she isn’t even loyal. Rhea asks her if she knows what loyalty and honesty mean. Prachi tells that she is honest. Rhea asks her to answer, why did she snatch Ranbir, why did she break her marriage with Sid. She taunts that Prachi has always snatched her man. Prachi calls it nonsense. Rhea asks Shahana to ask Prachi if she still loves Ranbir. She knows that Prachi loves Ranbir, but she will marry Sid, she should understand that she can’t have both the men in her life. She asks Prachi to marry Sid if she wants the family’s happiness, or stay with Ranbir if she wants to become selfish. She tells that Prachi wants to trouble everyone, she is their enemy, a problem for everyone.

Shahana insults Rhea, while taking a stand for Prachi. She asks Rhea to leave the family and go away to find peace. She has sympathy for Rhea just because Rhea is Pragya’s daughter. Rhea tells that Shahana isn’t family, still she is always in their house. Prachi calls it enough. She tells Rhea that she has no feelings for Ranbir. Rhea asks Prachi to prove it to the family. Prachi agrees to prove it by getting engaged to Sid. She asks Rhea to not worry about Ranbir. She decides to end her feelings for him. Rhea is more than happy with her assurance. Rhea calls Shahana really foolish.

Shahana calls her an evil spirit. Rhea doesn’t care and admits that she is devilish. Prachi weeps seeing the things spoiling. She tells that she wanted to fix everything, but Ranbir has ruined her plan. She wanted revenge on him, but he started changing, he wanted her to come back in his life, he was willing to take her away to make their new world, he expressed love, but she was foolish to not understand his true love, now when he is denying love, he wants her to marry someone else. She cries referring that she didn’t accept his love before.

Ranbir comes home drunk. He finds Prachi in front of him. Sid watches their argument and feels guilty. Prachi asks Ranbir to stay away from her. She doesn’t want to talk to him, because he is drunk. She finds Ranbir hurt. She cares for him. Sid tells that he has come between true lovers. He also weeps seeing them in pain. Ranbir asks Prachi to leave her alone. Prachi asks him what happened to his foot. He tells that he got a scratch. She gets the first aid box and does the aid to his little scratch. They have a moment of love.

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