Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2022 Update Rudra returns

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2022 Update Rudra returns

Sasural Simar Ka 23rd September 2022 Update Rudra returns The family waits for Reema to present the food. Vivaan tells that they might need to order the food. Badimaa asks them the matter. Simar tells that Chitra and Reema got stubborn that they will look good. Badimaa asks Reyansh to order the food. She asks Chitra not to worry, they will order the food. Chitra tells that Reema and she have cooked many dishes, she can make anything else they want as per their choices. She surprises everyone by calling Reema. Reema brings the variety of food dishes. She surprises the family by her cooking talents. Vivaan kisses Reema’s hand with love. She is glad that Vivaan loves her so much.

Simar tastes the food. She can’t believe Reema has made the food. She tells that the food is really tasty. She hugs Reema. Badimaa also compliments Reema for her culinary skills. Reema takes the responsibility of kitchen. She tells that she wants to cook food for everyone every day. Simar tells that she has no objection. She asks Reema when did she learn to cook such tasty food. Reema and Chitra remember adding the sleep medicine in the food. Chaya plans to kill Simar by making the entire family sleep. Aarav tells that they are feeling tired, they should sleep early. Simar feels dizzy. Aarav and Simar fall unconscious.

Simar loses the Matarani locket. Chaya reaches Simar to kill her. Matarani saves Simar in the form of Aarav, providing protection to Simar. Chaya gets stopped by the puja thread. She tells that nobody can stop her today. She fails to attack Simar. She fears that Rudra will come to find her. Rudra enters the Oswal mansion and shouts Chaya’s name to summon her. Chaya gets terrified when she loses her powers because of Rudra. She gets afraid of him. Rudra captures Chaya.


He asks her how dare she love someone else. He reprimands her. He tells that he has been waiting for her since 100 years. He punishes her by using his evil powers. Chaya tells that she trusts him. He asks her not to lie, she broke his trust and made fun of his love. Chaya apologizes to Rudra. He tells that he will cage her soul. She begs him to give her another chance. Rudra doesn’t forgive her. He attempts to cage Chaya. Chaya gets caged in a glass bottle. Simar gets conscious. She picks her locket and wears it back. She goes out to find out what’s happening in the house. She is stunned to see Rudra.


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