Yeh Rishta 23rd September 2022 Update Massive shock for Akshara

Yeh Rishta 23rd September 2022 Update Massive shock for Akshara

Yeh Rishta 23rd September 2022 Update Massive shock for Akshara Abhimanyu gets Kairav arrested. He tells the media that Kairav killed Anisha and ran away, he hid himself in Mauritius, when he got tracked there, he came back home to hide, he is a criminal, so he is running away. Akshara tells him that its wrong. Abhimanyu tells that Kairav will get arrested right away. Akshara asks why is he doing this. Kairav gets a panic attack seeing the police. He tells that he didn’t do anything. The family asks him not to run away. The police finds the family protecting Kairav. Inspector rebukes them for supporting a criminal. He arrests Manish also. Akshara shatters down. Abhimanyu arrives home and tells Mahima that he fulfilled the promise to her, he got Kairav arrested and got justice for Anisha. Vansh tries to arrange the bail.

Akshara madly runs to meet Abhimanyu. Abhimanyu tells that he has to go and meet Manjiri. Akshara confronts him. She asks him why did he not call her when she didn’t come to meet him. She tells that she had come home to meet him, but he wasn’t there. She adds that she left the evidence in his room. Mahima and Anand reprimand her for lying once again. Mahima asks her not to brainwash Abhimanyu. Akshara tells that she didn’t want to hide Kairav. Anand asks her to show the evidence if she has it with her. Mahima doesn’t let Akshara say anything. She stops Akshara from telling about the evidence. Akshara tells that Abhimanyu broke her faith, she won’t let the family go to jail. Abhimanyu leaves for the hospital. He recalls Akshara’s words.

He gets down the car to find out the truth. Mahima wonders if he is going back to Akshara. Abhimanyu doesn’t find Akshara there. He goes to his room to check. He doesn’t find any evidence. Mahima tells Parth that she had removed the evidence. Parth tells that its not right. They both had seen the evidence video in Kairav’s favor. Parth tells that Kairav is innocent. He wants to inform Abhimanyu, but Mahima stops him. She regards Kairav responsible for Anisha’s death. Parth tells that its not right that Abhimanyu and Akshara are getting separated. Mahima asks him to believe her, its better for the family if Akshara stays away.


Mahima takes the evidences with her. She makes Parth lie to the family. Parth asks her to think once again, Kairav didn’t kill Anisha. Mahima makes her mind to get Kairav and Akshara punished. Akshara meets the family at home. She tells that she didn’t make a copy of the evidence, she left the evidence in Abhimanyu’s room, but Abhimanyu might have not seen it. She feels defeated. Aarohi tells that Abhimanyu has done this to take revenge on them. She asks Akshara how could she be so casual about the critical matter, why did she not come home with the evidence. She accuses Akshara for Sirat’s death.

Akshara asks her not to start it once again. Abhimanyu spends time talking to Manjiri. Harsh and Anand are glad that Anisha’s soul will get peace. Neil worries that the families tensions will never get fine. Harsh asks Anand to stop drinking, its not good for his health. Anand doesn’t think its easy. Abhimanyu learns that Kairav and Manish got arrested. He doesn’t want Manish to suffer. Mahima tells that even Akshara should have got arrested. Harsh asks Abhimanyu not to interfere in Goenkas matter. Abhimanyu and Akshara cry, feeling cheated by each other.

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