Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishmi meet

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishmi meet

Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishmi meet Ayush tells Shalu that Rishi will happily hug Lakshmi. He happily hugs Shalu. Rishi tells Lakshmi that he was waiting for her anxiously. Lakshmi smiles meeting him. Ayush asks Shalu is their hug of friendship or love. They both see each other with love. Malishka tells that she tries hard to separate Rishi and Lakshmi, but they always come close. She is angered thinking what fate Lakshmi has. Kiran asks Malishka does she think Rishi and Lakshmi have fallen in love. Dadi tells Virender that everyone can see the love between Rishi and Lakshmi, but they both can’t realize it. She fears that someone’s bad sight caught them. Malishka tells that nobody can snatch Rishi from her.

Earlier in the show, Rishi knows Lakshmi is upset with him that he took the blame. He wishes Rishi comes to meet him. Lakshmi wants to meet Rishi, knowing he will be waiting for her. Ayush and Shalu support Lakshmi. Sonia doesn’t want Shalu in the house always. She insults Shalu. Virender takes a stand for Lakshmi and Shalu. He doesn’t want her children to get hurt. Lakshmi tells that its her strength that Virender is supporting her. Balwinder rages on Rishi. Guddu asks him didn’t he get Lakshmi again. Balwinder gets mad that he wants Lakshmi. He tells that he loves Lakshmi, he wants her at any cost.

Lakshmi tries to meet Rishi. She gets permission after much difficulty. Rishi meets Ayush when he expects Lakshmi. Ayush jokes that Lakshmi didn’t come to meet Rishi, because she is busy in household chores. Rishi asks why isn’t Lakshmi missing him. Ayush irritates Rishi by his silly talks. Rishi asks him to leave, he doesn’t want to meet anyone than Lakshmi. He tells that Malishka came to meet him. Ayush lies that Kiran has come to meet Rishi. He sends Rishi to surprise him. Lakshmi meets Rishi. Rishi gets her naughty surprise. He also teases her by calling her Malishka. He jokes that he was feeling Malishka around, who is more special to him. She gets upset and turns to go, but he pulls her close with love. They get into a moment.


Bhagya Lakshmi 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishmi meet:

Rishi teases Lakshmi and asks her if she is jealous, because she loves him a lot and can’t see any third person between them. He asks her to say if she loves him. He doesn’t let her step away. He laughs seeing her tense face. He tells that he never told her that he loves her, she is a friend type, not a wife type, she is very dominating, how can someone stay with a wife like her. She tells that he knows her well. She asks him to stay happy with Malishka. He asks her why did she not come before. She tells that she came to meet him. Ayush tells Shalu that Rishi was waiting for Lakshmi.

She asks how is Rishi. He tells that Rishi will get happy seeing Lakshmi and hug her. He hugs her. He asks her about the type of hug between Rishi and Lakshmi, if they will have a friendly hug or a hug of love. Lakshmi tells that she has sent Ayush to meet Rishi before. Rishi admits that he was waiting for her since a long time. She smiles on knowing this. Constable tells that the meeting time is over. Rishi and Lakshmi request for two minutes more to talk something urgent. Constable takes her outside. Lakshmi asks the Inspector to give her two minutes more. He asks her to leave.

On the other side, Malishka regrets that her plans fail always, Rishi and Lakshmi always come closer. She vents her anger. Kiran asks her to calm down. Malishka tells that she thought to oust Lakshmi, but Rishi went to the jail. Kiran asks if there is love between Rishi and Lakshmi. Malishka asks her not to make her jealous. She tells that Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi. She is angered that Balwinder is also troubling her, he may expose her truth. Kiran asks her not to think much. She tells that their truth is going to come out. She feels scared. Ayush feels Lakshmi got angry on him.

He tries to find the reason. He asks Shalu what does Lakshmi do when she gets angry. She pulls his leg by scaring him of Lakshmi’s anger. Elsewhere, Virender takes care of his mom. He tells that everything will get fine. Dadi wants Rishi and Lakshmi home. He tells that both of them are innocent. She regrets that they both are suffering. He tells that they love each other, they are worried for each other. She tells that the world can see their love but they can’t realize it themselves. He tells that he is trying to bail out Rishi. Lakshmi stops Ayush. Ayush apologizes to her.

Shalu laughs on him. He tells Lakshmi that Shalu told him to do so. Shalu denies it. Lakshmi tells that she is angry, because she couldn’t talk to Rishi. She adds that she has to talk to Rishi today itself, she can’t wait. Ayush tells that he will fix their meeting. Virender speaks to his manager. He is prepared to meet the investors and answer about Rishi’s arrest. He wants to look after his mom first. He tells that Neelam is upset like always and want to stay alone. She doesn’t like Neelam’s behavior. She wishes Neelam understands Lakshmi. Shalu and Ayush engage the policemen by a funny drama.

They cover up and ask Lakshmi to run from behind. Lakshmi sneaks inside the police station. Ayush and Shalu make the policemen lose their mind by their stupid drama. Sonia and Karishma regret that Virender is supporting Lakshmi. Sonia warns her about Ayush and Shalu’s bonding. Karishma doesn’t think Ayush will fall for Shalu, he behaves well with Lakshmi and her family. Rishi sees Lakshmi and thinks he is dreaming. He gets punched by an inmate. Lakshmi worries for Rishi. He tells that he asked the inmate to beat him so that he knows if she came for real or not. She tells that she has come to tell him something important. He asks her what does she want to say. They hold hands, and feel a wave of current. Rishi smiles with joy.

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