Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishabh blasts

Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishabh blasts

Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishabh blasts his anger on Sherlyn. Sherlyn meets Rishabh. She tells him that she still misses him, but Preeta came in between. Rishabh shouts on her and asks her not to take Preeta’s name. He tells that she doesn’t know what Preeta means to him, she can never understand their pure relation of respect. Karan tells Anjali that he has planned something for Rishabh, once the launch party gets over, his problems will begin to surface. He plans his revenge on Rishabh. Anjali is glad that he is determined towards his goal. She doesn’t want Karan to get awakened in Arjun. She encourages him for his revenge motives.

Earlier in the show, Karan tells that he came to drop Preeta, her car broke down. Sameer tells that he would have helped Preeta. Karan learns about their event planning. He also offers help. He gets hurt. The family cares for Arjun. Sameer asks Karan why didn’t he tell that he is hurt. Preeta gets haldi milk for Karan. Karan tells that he knows Preeta hates him, so she got the haldi milk. He refuses to come in the party if they force her. Shrishti gets the ice pack.

Preeta asks Arjun to say if its hurting. She cares for Arjun. Karan gets affected by her presence. He walks out. They get puzzled seeing his strange behavior. Karan thinks of Preeta with a smile. He remembers how Preeta and Rishabh killed him, and created their happy world. He hates her. He doesn’t want to love Preeta. He decides to not fall for Preeta again. He thinks of a way to stay away from Preeta. He doesn’t want his identity to get revealed to her, until his revenge gets fulfilled. Preeta also thinks of Arjun.


Kundali Bhagya 26th September 2022 Written Update Rishabh blasts:

Preeta gets a smile on her face while thinking of Arjun. She wonders what’s happening to her. She tells Shrishti that they shall go home now. They leave for Luthra house. Anjali finds Arjun sitting in darkness. She asks about his meeting. He lies to her that the meeting went well. She tells that she wants to know the outcome of the meeting, if the deal will be on. He goes on lying to her. She catches his lie. Rishabh finds Preeta disturbed. He asks her if anyone told her something. He tells that there should be something on her mind, he knows her well, she is really looking tense.

She doesn’t hide the matter. She tells him about the incident that happened at Kavya’s school. She tells that Prithvi left his phone in the ladies washroom, he was video recording, but then Arjun came there and tackled Prithvi well. Preeta asks Rishabh why didn’t he come to the school when his meeting got cancelled. He is surprised to know that Arjun was at the school, and also that Arjun lied about the meeting. He calls Arjun to confront about the lie. Karan apologizes to Anjali. She asks him to tell the truth if he is really feeling sorry.

He tells that there was a reason behind his lie, he is scared of her reaction. He tells her that he had seen Prithvi on the way, he called him and learnt that he is at Kavya’s school, so he followed Prithvi. He gets Rishabh’s call. Rishabh asks when did he cancel the meeting. Arjun tells that he had cancelled the meeting from his side. Rishabh asks why did he go to Kavya’s school. Karan tells that he learnt about Prithvi, and followed him, he saw Prithvi and Preeta in the library, he dragged Prithvi outside the library and then kept his phone in the ladies washroom with the video mode on. He asks Rishabh to keep his secret. Rishabh thanks Arjun for doing so much for his family.

Karan tells that its his family too. Rishabh tells that they are family, so they are throwing a party to announce their association to the media. He invites Arjun and Anjali. Rishabh tells Preeta that Arjun was also protecting her. Karan asks Anjali to smile, and not get angry. He tells that they have to attend the party at Luthra house. Shrishti checks the party arrangements. She gets into a banter with Sameer. Rishabh hugs Kavya with love. Rakhi asks about Preeta. Preeta comes downstairs with Kavya’s school bag and id card. Rishabh asks Preeta is she okay.

She tells that she was thinking about the school incident. Rishabh tells that he will drop Kavya to the school today. After they leave, Rakhi asks Preeta why is she worried. Preeta tells that Rishabh handles everything. Kavya tells Rishabh that she didn’t wish to go to school. Rishabh drops Kavya and sends her off. He loves Kavya a lot. Kavya runs to Rishabh to get kisses. He tells that Kavya is his everything. Rishabh misses to make an important call. He goes to get some help from a stranger. The stranger takes him to Prithvi’s house to charge his phone.

Rishabh gets to see Sherlyn. The man asks Sherlyn to help Rishabh with the charger. Rishabh tells that its okay, he didn’t know its her house, he is really sorry. She welcomes him home. She thinks she is mad to come with Prithvi by leaving a humble man like Rishabh. She asks him if he misses her. She tries to convey her feelings. He gets angry at her when she takes Preeta’s name. He tells that Sherlyn can never understand what Preeta means to him. He asks her for the charger. She asks him to accept her once. He tells that he is married now, he has a daughter, he can’t accept Sherlyn, he was in jail because of Sherlyn. She has tortured his family so much. He tells that she didn’t change till now. She curses him that someone will snatch his Preeta from him.

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