Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update New Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update New Prachi

Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update New Prachi Aaliya advises Rhea to dress up well and appear like Prachi in front of Ranbir, so that the latter thinks that Prachi isn’t gone completely. She tells that Ranbir shouldn’t miss Prachi when she leaves from the house, his heart should feel that someone else like Prachi is also in the house. She asks him to impress Ranbir and win his love, because he likes simple people like Prachi, he has fallen for Prachi’s simplicity, he shouldn’t have any side-effect of Prachi’s leaving.

She asks her to keep style, but less class, but not everyone understands class. Rhea understands her. She tells that she will make some amendments just for Ranbir’s sake. She wants Prachi to see how she is going to replace her in Ranbir’s life. While Rhea plans to copy Prachi’s looks, Prachi also decides to change herself and show a completely new Prachi to Ranbir. She wants to become strong so that Ranbir’s dwelling emotions doesn’t affect her.

Earlier in the show, Dida tells Vandy that Ranbir and Prachi love each other a lot, she doesn’t want them to get separated. Vandy assures that they won’t get separated. Rhea selects her outfit. Aaliya meets her. She selects an outfit for Rhea. Rhea doesn’t like it. Aaliya tells that she wants her to wear the dress, which would suit Prachi more. Rhea asks her if she doesn’t know her class and style. Aaliya tells that Ranbir would see her with love if she dresses up like Prachi. She tells that Ranbir shouldn’t miss Prachi once she leaves. Rhea agrees to make an adjustment to win Ranbir. Aaliya praises her understanding. Rhea gears up to replace Prachi in Ranbir’s life.


Kumkum Bhagya 27th September 2022 Written Update New Prachi:

Prachi misses Ranbir. Pallavi meets her and hands her some ancestral jewellery, that’s left by Sid’s mother for her Bahu. She tells that she is doing this on her sister-in-law’s behalf. She tells that she is a woman first, she wishes good for everyone, she doesn’t hate her now, just because of Prachi’s pregnancy. She tells that she is annoyed with Prachi, now Prachi has the responsibility of taking the family ahead. She asks Prachi to regard her a motherly figure and trust her decision. She wants the baby to get love of both the parents. Prachi tells that she understands her. She advises Prachi to not do any drama until the engagement is done.

She tells that she will do what is right for everyone. She wants Prachi’s promise. She asks Prachi to promise that she won’t create any drama. Prachi promises Pallavi. Pallavi goes away. Prachi sheds tears. She remembers Ranbir’s words. Ranbir meets her. He apologizes to her that he asked her to marry Sid. He tells that he can’t tolerate any guy around Prachi, he can’t see her marrying Sid. He asks her to pack her bags, he will fulfil his promise and take her away to their new home. She sees someone splashing the kerosene at Ranbir and her to burn them alive. She asks Ranbir to remove his clothes, the kerosene is dangerous for him. She finds Ranbir getting set on fire. She shouts Ranbir, and her dream ends. She fears that her union with Ranbir will cost him his life. She doesn’t think Ranbir should suffer. She takes a hint from the bad omen. She goes to see Ranbir.

She finds him safe and fine. Ranbir asks her does she want anything. She asks what is he looking for. He tells that he is looking for a matchbox. He ignites the stove. She worries. She saves Ranbir from the fire catching up on the stove top. She asks him to open the window. Ranbir makes her step behind. They both put off the fire. They care for each other. He asks her how does she know about the fire. She tells that she saw a bad dream about someone snatching Ranbir from her forever, he was burning in her dream, she got terrified and came to see him. She hugs him. She cries that he is okay and nothing happened to him. He tells that sometimes dream do get fulfilled. They shed tears. Ranbir goes away feeling helpless.

He knows that Prachi loves him, she won’t marry Sid on his word, but still he isn’t doing anything. He wants to stop her, but he can’t stop her. He recalls his promise to Prachi and her baby. He regrets that Prachi’s baby isn’t of him. Aaliya meets Pallavi. They both compliment each other. Aaliya praises Pallavi for doing so much for her family. She tells that Pallavi is a great person. Pallavi tells that she knows why Aaliya has come, maybe she wants to talk about Sid and Prachi’s marriage. Sid comes there and overhears their conversation.

Pallavi tells that she has accepted Prachi, she was over the moon when she got to know that Prachi is carrying Ranbir’s child, she wanted Rhea to divorce Ranbir. Aaliya asks her what is she saying. Pallavi tells that even she doesn’t understand why she is so happy, she knew Ranbir loved Prachi, when she got to know that they are becoming parents, she thought Ranbir’s family is getting completed, she accepted Prachi for the first time in life, but then she got to know that Prachi is carrying Sid’s baby. She hates Prachi even more now.

Aaliya tells that Pallavi is a good woman, so she is feeling so. Pallavi thanks her for understanding. She wants Sid and Prachi to marry soon so that Prachi gets away from Ranbir’s life. Sid leaves from there, with tears in eyes, feeling guilty that he broke Ranbir’s possibly perfect family. Prachi remembers Ranbir and her lovely moment. She wears the saree gifted by Ranbir. Ranbir meets her. He finds her decked up in his gifted saree. They both get emotional while he helps her with the adornment. Prachi sheds tears.

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  1. A class shit.Just marry ur brother in law n sister in law nasty disgusting story line let a next man raise the child.always the babies are raised by one parents ektaa n writers so nasty low life n trash


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