Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Prachi’s plan

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Prachi's plan

Kumkum Bhagya 28th September 2022 Written Update Prachi’s plan Ranbir adorns Prachi with love. She requests him to not force her for marriage. She tells that he always gets late. She asks him not to get late and just say it. He tells that she got late, she should get married. He leaves from her room. Sid meets Prachi. She rebukes him for his lies. She tells that his lie has ruined her entire life, Ranbir loved her, he wants her to leave from his life, just because of Sid’s lie. She asks him why did he do this with her. Sid feels guilty. He breaks down and apologizes. Prachi tells that he shouldn’t apologize for his crimes, its his disgusting conspiracy.

She asks him why is he taking revenge when she regarded him a good friend. She tells that he has snatched her everything, he is an enemy who ruined her happiness. She reprimands him further. She asks him how can he make her marry him by breaking her marriage with her love. Sid requests her to listen to him once. She tells that she didn’t feel bad of Rhea’s words, as much as she felt bad of Sid’s words. She accuses him for ruining everything. She asks him to say the truth, she deserves to know it. He tells that he has no family. She tells that Ranbir and she were his family. He tells that he called her baby as his baby, because he is helpless, Mihika’s life is in danger. Prachi is in shock. Shahana also hears the truth and questions Sid.

On the other hand, Vandy tells Dida that they both shall find a way to save Ranbir and Prachi’s marriage. Vandy tells that Rhea is deceptive, they have to think and become like Rhea to deal with her. They both plan to get rid of Rhea. Rhea reaches them. Vandy compliments Rhea’s beauty and pleases her. Rhea finds her a sweet lady. She hugs Vandy and thanks her. Rhea goes away smiling. Dida asks Vandy does she like Rhea more than Prachi. Vandy tells that they should keep an enemy close and know their plans. Dida praises her. Shahana asks Sid what does he mean. Sid tells that Mihika came home to save her life from Rhea and Aaliya.


He adds that Vikram called him home to know the truth, Rhea and Aaliya tried to get him killed on the way, they kidnapped Mihika and threatened him in order to make him lie to the family. Shahana tells that its shocking. Sid tells that he tried to tell Ranbir, but Rhea and Aaliya stopped him. She doesn’t believe him. Prachi believes Sid’s truth. She tells that she knows Sid well. Sid thanks her. He feels terrible that he broke her trust. She tells that he cheated her, she didn’t cheat him, she has regarded him a brother always. She tells that she can’t get engaged to him when she always thought of tying a Rakhi to him.

She adds that she has to play the engagement drama now to save Mihika’s life from Rhea and Aaliya. She pities Mihika and vows to protect her. Sid is grateful that Prachi is so thoughtful towards Mihika. Prachi asks him to get ready to protect his sister. Shahana and Prachi offer help to save his sister. Prachi thanks him for relieving a big burden from her heart. She feels she got a new life. She tells that the engagement will be fake. Shahana asks him why is he telling this to them, when Mihika is still in danger. Sid tells that he heard Pallavi’s words, Pallavi had accepted Prachi as her bahu by hearing her pregnancy news, but his lie has ruined it all. Sid feels bad that he has ruined things for Prachi and Ranbir. Prachi tells that she wants to know if Ranbir has feelings of love for her or not. She makes a plan to test Ranbir’s feelings. She wants to see if Ranbir fights back or not when he sees her marrying someone else.

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