Kundali Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Blunt Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Blunt Arjun

Kundali Bhagya 30th September 2022 Written Update Blunt Arjun Preeta tells Arjun that she doesn’t want to talk about Karan, its just between Karan and her. He asks why is she saying so, when the entire family is sharing everything about Karan with him. She tells that they can talk about Karan, but she doesn’t want to talk, because Karan means a lot to him. He asks her what does she mean to say. He asks her to complete. She remembers Karan and sheds tears. He gives her a kerchief. He asks her did she do something bad with Karan, for which she is regretting. She tells that she doesn’t want to talk about Karan. He still asks the reason. He asks if she loved Karan, why can’t she talk about him. Preeta tells that she can’t talk to him, he doesn’t need to ask.

He tells that she didn’t love Karan. She hears this and stops. She asks him who is he to ask her, if she loved Karan or not. She shouts that Karan knew how much she loved him, she doesn’t need to tell anyone about it. He asks her how did she marry someone else just after Karan passed away, when a person doesn’t forget true love in births. He tells that he is just curious to know if she loved Karan. She refuses to talk to strangers. He gets angry that Preeta and Rishabh wanted to get rid of him, they are now being emotional because of guilt and shame, they have no love for Karan. Karan doesn’t want Preeta to forget him. He wants to give them such a wound that it leaves a scar and punishes them for the cheat.

Shrishti tells Sameer that she is really happy, Arjun likes her a lot. He asks how can Arjun like her knowing she is married. She tells that he didn’t propose her for marriage. She asks him is he jealous. He tells that he isn’t jealous. Shrishti sees Arjun and rushes to talk to him. She tells that she gets good vibes from him, even he bonds with everyone well and pays respect, she feels safe with him, she knows that he can never harm anyone. He asks her not to trust him so much. She tells that he has earned the trust. She likes to see Sameer jealous.


She tells that Sameer got jealous when she said she likes him. Karan tells that he was just teasing Preeta. She tells that she got a chance to make Sameer jealous. Sameer asks Karan to come for the conference. Karan also finds Sameer jealous. Sameer asks her to stay away from Arjun. Preeta goes to her room and sheds tears in remembrance of Karan. She feels Arjun reminds her of Karan. She hates Arjun, and finds it strange that he resembles Karan so much. Mahesh praises Arjun, who is a magician, who has won their hearts so soon. He tells that Rishabh and Arjun have become business partners.

Rakhi tells that Arjun rules on their hearts now. Reporter asks about the old business rivalry. Rishabh tells that Arjun is a part of the family. Karan asks them to let the media think anything. He tells that enemies should be kept close. His words leave Rishabh and Luthras puzzled. Rishabh tells that Arjun isn’t his enemy, he didn’t think that Arjun will call him his enemy. Karan asks is this a top secret to hide. He thinks Rishabh is his biggest enemy, who snatched his life and wife. Reporter tells that there is something they don’t know.

Rishabh tells that Arjun is like Karan, who thinks something and speaks something else. He asks Arjun to just talk to him and not give any such statement to the media. Karan asks him not to behave like his brother. He asks if he can trust him. Rishabh tells certainly. Karan tells that Karan used to believe Rishabh, but what happened then. Rishabh gets upset by his question. Shrishti tells that its fun time now, the party isn’t boring. She takes Mahesh and Rakhi for a dance performance. Preeta watches Arjun from far. Maheh and Rakhi dance in the party. The family likes them. Karan imagines dancing with Preeta romantically. Karan thinks he can’t control his feelings for Preeta even today.

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