Bhagya Lakshmi 5th October 2022 Written Update Malishka caught

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th October 2022 Written Update Malishka caught

Bhagya Lakshmi 5th October 2022 Written Update Malishka caught Rishi is still in the jail. He tells his jail mates that he is in jail, but still he feels his heart is at peace, because Lakshmi is with him. The guy tells that this is called true love. Rishi is surprised to know the definition of love from them. He wonders if he really loves Lakshmi. Dadi asks Lakshmi what proof did she get to save Rishi. Lakshmi tells about the CCTV footage which will prove Rishi and her innocent. Ayush meets Shalu to share his happiness in advance. He tells her that he is waiting for the CCTV footage pendrive, soon Rishi will be freed. Shalu happily hugs him. Balwinder asks Malishka did Ayush get the footage pendrive. He summons her home. The manager comes home and gives the pendrive to Virender, stating that it carries the footage of that date when the food poisoning incident took place. Malishka thinks she won’t get saved now. She worriedly tries to steal the pendrive, but Lakshmi catches her red-handed.

Earlier in the show, Lakshmi wishes that she gets the footage and brings Rishi home. She misses Rishi. Rishi also misses her. Malishka tells that Rishi doesn’t love Lakshmi, but just her. She wants to help Rishi and save him from the jail. She hopes to celebrate the festival together like always. She promises to not let anyone come between them.

She tells that she will make him free from Lakshmi. Lakshmi wakes up and realizes Rishi’s return. He tells that Inspector dropped him home once his innocence was proved. She tells that the Inspector is really nice. He promises to celebrate the festive with her and make it memorable for her. She asks him what will he do. He tells that he can show a small sample. He holds her romantically. Lakshmi wakes up from her dream. She looks for Rishi. She wishes her dream comes true. She makes a prayer that she passes the test and gets Rishi home.


Bhagya Lakshmi 5th October 2022 Written Update Malishka caught:

Neelam and Karishma hope that Sonia copes up from the trauma. Neelam wants Rishi back on the festive eve. Malishka meets them. She cries for Rishi. She tells that she was too worried for Rishi. The hotel manager comes to meet Virender. He tells that Ayush and Lakshmi asked for the CCTV footage, he got the pendrive. Virender takes it. Malishka gets scared and thinks she is finished. She wants to get the pendrive. She picks it. Lakshmi stops her and asks where was she taking it. Malishka tells that she was keeping it safe. Virender asks the manager to play the footage right away. He wants to find out the real culprit. Malishka gets panicking.

The manager gets a call and learns that the pendrive got changed. He apologizes to them. He tells that his assistant is getting the pendrive. Ayush scolds him. Lakshmi asks the manager about the actual pendrive. She tells that they shall wait. She goes to give medicines to Dadi. She tells Dadi that the pendrive having the footage will be reaching home shortly, they will know about the culprit. Ayush asks the manager to call his assistant fast and ask for the pendrive. Shalu meets Ayush. They both have a funny banter. She asks why is he standing outside. He tells that he is standing here to welcome a princess. He gives the good news of the possible evidence that can help Rishi and Lakshmi.

She hugs him. She tells that it was a friendship hug. Ayush tells that he felt it was a boyfriend hug. She hugs him again on his saying. She calls him clever. Malishka calls up Balwinder to give him tension. She tells him that Lakshmi is getting the CCTV footage. He tells that he will hide under the bed. She tells that they both will be in trouble. She asks him to stop the manager’s assistant Ravi from getting the pendrive to Oberoi house. He tells that he will soon get the evidence. Malishka prays that they get saved. On the other hand, Rishi talks to the jail mates about Lakshmi.

He tells that he gets courage to face everything when Lakshmi is with him. He adds that Lakshmi can’t see him in trouble. The man tells that its love. Constable tells that Rishi will get freed today. Rishi asks did he get the bail. He tells that he will stay in the same jail, he won’t go anywhere. Constable tells that Rishi will get shifted to another jail. Rishi doesn’t know if Lakshmi got the pendrive or not. Manager asks Ravi if he left from the hotel or not. Ravi tells that he is leaving. He sees someone following him. He leaves from the hotel.

Guddu informs Balwinder about Ravi. Balwinder asks him to catch Ravi. The Oberois wait for Ravi. Lakshmi tells that Basu is calling them for Rishi’s bail. Ayush tells that Ravi is on the way, he is getting the pendrive. Virender and Lakshmi leave. Dadi praises Ayush for supporting Lakshmi. Sonia finds Malishka tensed. Malishka tells that her love Rishi is in jail. Sonia asks is Lakshmi mad or cunning, why would she show the footage of her own crime, there won’t be any footage, she is fooling them. Balwinder calls Malishka and tells that the pendrive won’t reach Oberois. Sonia tells that Virender and Lakshmi have gone to bail out Rishi.

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