Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2022 Written Update Prachi stunner

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2022 Written Update Prachi stunner

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2022 Written Update Prachi stunner Rhea asks Prachi to forward her hand so that Sid makes her wear the ring. Prachi gives her hand to Sid. Sid puts the ring on her finger. Prachi does a fake engagement with Sid. Prachi and Sid appear really happy and show their engagement rings to one and all. Aryan asks Ranbir what’s going on, why didn’t he stop the engagement when he had planned it. Ranbir is hurt seeing Prachi smiling with Sid. Rhea and Aaliya celebrate their victory with drinks. Rhea tells that no one can stop Ranbir from becoming of her now. She gets delighted. When will Prachi and Sid come up with a solution and end the drama? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Ranbir tells the pandit that he is going mad in tension, Prachi is his wife, she troubles him a lot. Pandit tells that Prachi I getting engaged to Sid. Ranbir tells that it’s a complicated story. He goes to talk to Prachi. Prachi wonders why is Sid so worried. She goes to Sid and asks him why is he worried. Sid tells that she knows the reason. She tells that Shahana has gone to Aaliya’s room, she will find something. Ranbir spies on them. Prachi asks Sid to come with her. Sid doesn’t want to hear the matter. Aaliya tells that Rhea didn’t take rest for everyone’s sake. Ranbir tries making Prachi jealous and dances with Rhea. Rhea gets happy with his gesture. Sid also performs the dance with Prachi. Ranbir can’t stand them. Ranbir also romantically dances with Prachi. Prachi feels jealous of Rhea, because she still loves Ranbir.

Kumkum Bhagya 5th October 2022 Written Update Prachi stunner:


Aryan reaches Shahana and she gets saved from the goon. She tells that the lights aren’t on. He asks her what is she doing here. They have a romantic moment. Aaliya enters her room and finds them together. She asks them what are they doing here. Shahana tells that she came there by mistake. Aaliya is sure that Shahana is up to something. Aryan asks her to come to the party. She sees the goon hiding in her room. She asks Aryan to go, she will join him soon. She asks the goon what is he doing. He tells that Shahana was searching for something, so he switched off the lights. He informs that he shifted Mihika to some other hotel room. She asks him to leave before Aryan and Shahana spot him.

She wonders if Shahana doubts her. Prachi admires Ranbir. She asks someone for water. She sees the glass of water left by Ranbir. She takes the glass and drinks from it. Sid asks Prachi to do something, he won’t make her wear the ring. She tells that she also finds it wrong and stupid. She tells him that she will do something. He asks her how will they fool everyone. She gets an idea. She asks him to go, she will just come. She wants him to trust her. She crushes the glass and injures her hand. Dida worries for her wound. Ranbir sees Prachi and gets angry that she is so careless.

Shahana and Dida take care of Prachi’s wound. Ranbir meets Prachi. He asks her to take care of herself, because he won’t be there always. She tells that he is right. She replies that she doesn’t need to take care of herself, because Sid is there to take care, she will get habitual to his care. She makes him upset. He goes away. Prachi asks Shahana to see how Ranbir was talking to her. Shahana asks why did she say that to Ranbir. Prachi tells that it was needed. Dida gets the medicines. Prachi tells Dida that she is okay now. Rhea taunts Sid that he is going to marry Prachi now. Sid tells that Prachi is just his good friend, he doesn’t see her with a bad intention. He praises Prachi. He tells that Rhea won’t believe in goodness, so its useless to explain her anything. She asks him not to always use his mouth when she isn’t interested in his nonsense lecture.

Rhea asks him not to think that she loves him and wants to stop his engagement. She angers him. Pandit asks Sid to come for the engagement. Aaliya tells that the ring has arrived, they can go ahead with the engagement. Ranbir signs Aryan that he has stolen the ring. Prachi and Sid unwillingly stand for the ring exchange ceremony. They both don’t want to get engaged, which is just unethical. Pandit asks them to exchange the rings. Rhea asks Prachi to forward her hand. Aaliya also insists Prachi to proceed. Pallavi orders Prachi to not create any drama. Prachi shows her injured finger.

Ranbir and the family are surprised to see the twist in the engagement. Aryan asks Ranbir what’s happening, if the engagement will stop now. Rhea asks Prachi what did she do, what happened to her hand. She tells that Prachi should have taken care of herself. Aaliya asks Prachi how did it happen. Prachi tells that she didn’t do this deliberately. Aaliya asks her to exchange the rings. Rhea knows that Prachi has done this intentionally to avoid the engagement.

Aaliya thinks she has a solution to counter Prachi’s every move. She wants the engagement to get done at any cost. Prachi gives her right hand to Sid. She remembers that she had a backup plan for any odd situation. Shahana runs to switch off the lights to help Prachi. she removes the fuse. Rhea and Aaliya ask Vikram what’s happening. Vikram tells that he will find out. Prachi and Sid wear the rings themselves. Shahana fixes the fuse back. Aaliya tells that they will finish the engagement soon. Prachi and Sid show their hands with the rings. She tells that they have already exchanged the rings.

Sid tells that he didn’t wait for the lights to come. Aryan congratulates Ranbir for his engagement with Prachi. Ranbir thanks him. He goes to congratulate Prachi and Sid from his side. Later, Rhea and Aaliya celebrate their success with drinks. They are really delighted that Prachi got engaged to Sid, and now she is out of Ranbir’s life. Rhea thanks Aaliya for her superb plan. She expresses her joy. Aaliya tells that she knows Rhea is really happy. Rhea wishes to get all the happiness of the world. She tells that nobody can stop her from getting Ranbir now.

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