Pandya Store Rajjo 7th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers

Pandya Store Rajjo 7th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers

Pandya Store Rajjo 7th October 2022 Upcoming Spoilers Rishita finds Shweta with Deven. She gets more suspicious about Shweta. She wants to find out the hidden secret. She is sure that Shweta and Deven are up to something. Shweta flees in an auto rickshaw, when Deven informs her about Rishita following them. Deven follows Shweta to the jewellery store, and finds out that Shweta is making fake jewellery to replace the real jewellery. She tells that Shweta is making the same designs, she definitely has a purpose. Dhara is shocked to realize Shweta’s devious plan.

Rishita and Dhara plan to catch Shweta red-handed during the Sangeet ceremony of Krish and Shweta. They find Shweta getting the fake jewellery boxes from the store. Rishita stops her and confronts her about the fake jewellery. Dhara doesn’t want Shweta to make a lame excuse and get saved again. She also keeps an eye on Dhara. Will Dhara and Rishita together expose Shweta and save Krish’s life from getting ruined? Keep reading.

Rajjo – Arjun and Rajjo’s marriage:


Arjun saves Rajjo from Vicky and gets helpless to marry her to save her from disgrace. He can’t tolerate Manorama’s mad questioning about Rajjo and his relationship. He fills the sindoor in Rajjo’s hairline and puts the mangalsutra in her neck. Rajjo gets happy to become Arjun’s wife. Arjun is bounded by his promise to Madhu. He gets reminded of Madhu and Urvashi. He rushes home where everyone is waiting for the groom. He fails to gain courage and tell them about his marriage with Rajjo. Rajjo barges in his house to reveal that she is Arjun’s wife. She declares the truth and stops his marriage with Urvashi, much to his family’s shock. How will Rajjo win the heart of Arjun’s family and make her place in his life?


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