Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Wedding breaker

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Wedding breaker

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Wedding breaker Pallavi gives an outfit to Prachi. She tells that she got the lehenga especially made for Prachi. Prachi asks on which occasion should she wear it. Pallavi asks her to wear the outfit tomorrow, because its her mehendi ceremony. She tells that Diwali is lined up first and then Prachi’s marriage will be held soon after the Diwali ends. Ranbir and Prachi are shocked this. Ranbir tells Aryan about Prachi’s marriage date after Diwali. He tells Aryan that he can’t do this. Aryan asks him to then decide, either do as they planned or let Prachi’s marriage happen. He asks Ranbir to just try. Ranbir tells that he is sure that he can’t do it.

Earlier in the show, Prachi calls the spa and confirms about Rhea and Aaliya’s lie. She learns that Rhea has booked the deep tissue massage. Ranbir waits for Prachi in his car. Rhea sits in the car. He asks her to leave. She tells that she isn’t annoyed, she is happy that he came running to her knowing she isn’t well. She tells that she got reminded of old Ranbir, who used to take care of her. Prachi wants to tell Shahana about Rhea. Ranbir asks Aryan to drive his car home. Shahana and Sid also sit in Ranbir’s car. Ranbir asks Prachi to come with him, he will take her home. Shahana also joins Prachi. Rhea gets angered. Prachi wants to reach the spa and confront Rhea. Rhea is upset thinking of Ranbir’s indifference. Rhea learns that someone had called the spa on her behalf. Rhea turns alert.

Kumkum Bhagya 11th October 2022 Written Update Wedding breaker:


Ranbir smiles seeing Prachi in a funny way. He asks Shahana who is sitting next to him. He jokes on Prachi’s face and expressions. Prachi tells that Ranbir never liked her, he has a problem with her always, Rhea is lovely, she has attitude, beauty, swag and intelligence. She tells that she knows what he would say now. He stops the car. She tells that she has self esteem, she will get down the car before he asks her. She gets down the car and goes by walk.

Ranbir follows her. He stops her. He asks her who complimented her. She tells that everyone complimented that she looked beautiful. He tells that it was a lie, the truth is that she looked really pretty, she looked like a princess, she has made the saree and jewellery precious by wearing them. He gives her a sweet argument. She asks why didn’t he say this before. He tells that few things aren’t just said, but felt. He calls it her fault if she didn’t feel it. She walks away again. He tells Shahana that Prachi is too much. Shahana tells that they aren’t a normal couple.

He asks Prachi to sit in the car. Prachi tells him that she doesn’t want to listen to him. He lifts her in arms and takes her to the car. She asks Shahana to save her. He asks Shahana to help him in putting Prachi in the car. Shahana assists Ranbir. Ranbir tells that he has put the child lock to deal with a child like Prachi. He adds that he always does the right thing, but people misunderstand her. Dida tells Priya that Rahul loves her, he has fought the world for her. She pities Rahul and Priya. Ranbir brings Prachi and Shahana home. He tells Dida about Prachi’s tantrums. He states that he did his duty and brought Prachi home. Dida calls it love. Prachi tells that its not love.

Dida tells Priya that Prachi got angry when Ranbir didn’t listen to her. Prachi complains about Ranbir. Dadi enjoys their fight and sings a romantic song. She tells that we should see the intention of the one we love. Priya thanks Dida for explaining her so well. She tells that she will patch up with Rahul. Shahana praises Dida for becoming Love Guru and saving Priya and Rahul’s love story. Dida tells that she has to save Ranbir and Prachi. Prachi asks Ranbir what does he want. Ranbir asks Prachi not to get irritated always. She tells that she has to stay away from him. She goes to meet Pallavi. Pallavi shows a lovely dress that’s especially ordered for Prachi.

She is sure that Prachi will love it. She asks her to wear it on her mehendi ceremony. She tells that the marriage will happen after Diwali. Prachi is sad, and so is Ranbir. Ranbir goes to his room. He finds Aryan sleeping. He asks how did Aryan reach so soon. Aryan tells that Rhea and Sid got down the car, then he drove the car like a plane and reached home quickly. He asks Ranbir why is he upset. Ranbir doesn’t want to tell him about Prachi. Aryan insists him to say. Ranbir tells that he is getting married. Aryan gives him an idea. Ranbir refuses at first. Aryan tells that Prachi’s marriage will happen then. Ranbir agrees to do anything to stop Prachi’s marriage.

Prachi tells Shahana that Pallavi gave the dress to her for mehendi ceremony. She is tensed seeing the way Pallavi is getting serious about the marriage. Shahana tells that Pallavi will be happy knowing Prachi loves Ranbir and is carrying his child. She wants Prachi to expose Rhea’s truth. Prachi is worried thinking about Rhea’s massage appointment. Prachi and Shahana reach the spa and ask for Rhea. Rhea goes for the massage. Prachi and Shahana find Aaliya there instead Rhea. Aaliya asks Prachi did she come for a massage, but its not suitable for pregnant women.

Shahana tells that she has come along with Prachi. She asks Aaliya to call her if she feels bored. Aaliya saves Rhea in time. Rhea thanks Aaliya and hugs her. Aaliya asks Rhea to get the massage soon and leave. Rhea asks how did she know about Prachi and Shahana coming. Aaliya tells that they will talk later. She worries that Prachi is doubting Rhea. Prachi is still confused. Rhea tells that luck is on her side. Aaliya tells her that she heard Prachi talking on call. Rhea calls her brilliant to leave Prachi and Shahana confused. Aaliya and Rhea, laugh and share a drink.

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