Pandya Store Upcoming 13th October 2022 Dhara’s plan

Pandya Store Upcoming 13th October 2022 Dhara's plan

Pandya Store Upcoming 13th October 2022 Dhara’s plan There is a big drama in the Pandya family once again. They face a new twist in Krish and Shweta’s marriage. Shweta challenges Dhara to stop her marriage if she can. She tells that there is just one hour left now. Rishita does a drama to engage everyone. Dhara finds Deven running away with the real jewellery. She runs after Deven. She follows him to get the bag from him. Deven is hurt, and couldn’t run far. Dhara doesn’t let him escape. Raavi takes Dhara’s place for the rituals. Gautam makes an excuse to run away from there. He doesn’t want to perform the rituals with Raavi. He looks for Dhara. Shweta and Krish perform the rituals.

Rishita and Raavi tie the ghatbandhan. Rishita tries to delay the rituals. She wants Dhara to come back and expose Shweta. Krish finds them behaving weird. Krish and Shweta’s marriage doesn’t stop. They start taking the marriage rounds. Suman asks Krish to fill sindoor in Shweta’s maang. Rishita hides the sindoor box, but Pandit sees this. Pandit asks her to give the sindoor box. Dhara wants to nab Deven and bring him in front of the family. How will the Pandya bahus stop Krish and Shweta’s marriage? Keep reading.


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