Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2022 Written Update Simar compels Chaya

Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2022 Written Update Simar compels Chaya

Sasural Simar Ka 13th October 2022 Written Update Simar compels Chaya Kamakshi enters Oberoi mansion in disguise and reaches close to Simar. She tells that she has to stay in Oswal mansion. Simar doubts her. Kamakshi pleads with Badimaa and gets a shelter. She thanks Badimaa for giving her a job. Kamakshi steps inside the house and laughs. Rudra wants the locket at any price. Kamakshi tells that she will get the locket when she has entered the Oswal mansion. Chaya also tries to get the locket from Aditi. She tells Vivaan that she will not give the locket even to the baby, Geet. Simar tells that Geet will be given the priority today. The locket gets gifted to Geet. Simar finds Reema worried.

She decides to keep the locket safe. Chaya knows the danger got high because Kamakshi has entered the house. Simar tries to tell Aarav about the locket. Aarav asks him to focus on him, rather than the family members. He jokes asking if she married him or his family. She tells that she married both, she is incomplete without him and his family. He tells that he lost to her in the war of words. She tells that he has won her forever. She doesn’t want him to get upset. She tells that they have to keep Badimaa’s expectations. He asks her to make vows of commitment. They get romantic. He tells that he wants to marry her once again, but the decision is upto her. Simar tells that she may not come. He knows that she will come on his call.

Kamakshi and Chaya try to reach the locket. Chaya isn’t able to take the locket from Geet’s neck because of the Matarani chunri. She hides when Kamakshi comes there. Kamakshi sees Chaya hiding and hurts her. She tells that she will get the locket herself. Kamakshi gets hurt by the chunri when she attempts to get the locket. She screams in pain. Simar reaches there and asks Reema what is she doing in Aditi’s room. Chaya lies that she came to check the baby. Simar asks her not to lie, she had come to get the locket back. She asks Reema to take the locket and go away. Chaya can’t touch the Matarani chunri.


She avoids Simar. Simar asks her why isn’t she taking the locket, is Matarani chunri troubling her. She tells that she knows it well that Chaya is still in Reema. She knows Chaya can trick the family and enter Reema’s body. She tells that she will force her to leave from Reema’s body. Chaya refuses to listen to her. She tells that Reema will get hurt in their fight. She threatens of hurting Reema’s body. Chaya asks Simar to let her live this life. She injures herself. She sheds tears and asks Simar to understand her. She tells Simar that she isn’t bad, she is longing for love and relations, she is trying the Oswal mansion from Rudra and Kamakshi.

She asks Simar to accept her. She makes an emotional appeal to Simar. Simar feels helpless. She tells that Chaya can never take Reema’s place. She pities Chaya. She tells that she just loves Reema. She sprinkles Gangajal on Chaya and asks her to leave Reema’s body. Chaya tells that if she doesn’t get Vivaan, then even Reema won’t get it, she wants Reema’s body now and Reema has to die now. Simar asks her what does she mean to say. Chaya threatens of killing Reema. Simar is in shock.

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