Udaariyaan 13th October 2022 Update Ekam Nehmat secret meet

Udaariyaan 13th October 2022 Update Ekam Nehmat secret meet

Udaariyaan 13th October 2022 Update Ekam Nehmat secret meet Naaz speaks her real feelings of insecurity in front of Nehmat. Nehmat doesn’t care if Naaz hates her, but wants to save her from Varun. Naaz thinks Nehmat is controlling her life. She threatens that she will tell the family about Nehmat, who breaks their trust every day and goes to meet Ekam. She calls Nehmat wrong. Ekam and Nehmat miss each other a lot. They feel helpless that they are away, they can’t even meet now. Naaz doesn’t want Nehmat to insult Varun again.

Varun asks her to explain Nehmat to not come between them. He tells that he won’t take the humiliation again. Ekam secretly sneaks inside Nehmat’s house to meet her. Naaz is upset that Nehmat spoiled her relation with Varun. Ekam gets saved from Naaz’s fight. He meets Nehmat and tells that he couldn’t stop, when he knew she isn’t well. He hugs her. Rupy and Naaz reach the room. Ekam hides from them. Rupy asks Nehmat is she feeling better. Nehmat lies to them. She is much relieved that Naaz didn’t see Ekam. Rupy asks Naaz to close the window. Naaz suspects that Nehmat is lying. After Rupy and Naaz leave, both Ekam and Nehmat share a moment of love. Ekam tells that he will never leave her alone when she isn’t well.

Meanwhile, Advit passes time calling Mallika and flirting with her. Mallika thinks he really likes her. He asks her about Nehmat. She tells that Nehmat and Ekam really got separated, they aren’t meeting. He asks her is she sure of it. She tells that Ekam didn’t go to meet Nehmat, knowing she is unwell. Nehmat tells Ekam that she doesn’t like to lie to the family. She doesn’t know how long will they meet secretly. He tells that he can’t live without her. He professes his love for her. They both cry in sorrow and get afraid thinking of their relation’s future.


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