Kundali Bhagya Truth for Rishabh 17th October 2022

Kundali Bhagya Truth for Rishabh 17th October 2022

Kundali Bhagya Truth for Rishabh 17th October 2022 Preeta and Rishabh get ready for the Karwachauth rituals. She tells Rishabh that she doesn’t care about Arjun’s presence. She asks him to just complete his work, they will go as per their plan, they will not leave from the palace because of Arjun. She clears to him that she isn’t afraid of Arjun. Rishabh is relieved that Preeta isn’t taking any stress because of Arjun. He does a husband’s duty and makes sure that she is at peace. Preeta also does a wife’s duty and relieves his stress.

Rishabh and Preeta support each other, like a perfect couple. Karan grows jealous seeing them. Rishabh confronts him about trying to kill him. Karan justifies himself that he lifted Rishabh on his back and took him to the hospital, he also donated his blood to save Rishabh’s life. He asks Rishabh not to suspect him and portray him as a murderer. He tells that he can never kill someone. Rishabh believes Karan, when the latter alerts him of the big mistake.

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Dhara fails to stop Shweta and Krish’s marriage. Rishita and Raavi are aware of the half-truth, and doesn’t realize if they should hinder the rituals or not. Suman blesses Shweta and Krish after their marriage, while the Pandyas are shocked by Dhara’s entry. Dhara faints down after making one attempt to expose Shweta in front of the family. Shweta decides to not let her truth come out. She doesn’t want to get jailed. She decides to deal with Dhara by using Chiku, who is the latter’s weakness. Shweta asks Dhara to not reveal her truth to anyone, and plays a victim card to fool Dhara. She promises to not meet Deven again. Dhara believes her and doesn’t disclose her truth to the family, seeing Krish really happy with her. Dhara’s silence is going to invite huge problems for the Pandya family.


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