Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2022 Written Update Rishi missing

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2022 Written Update Rishi missing

Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2022 Written Update Rishi missing A man happens to see Balwinder getting a huge pile of clothes. He is shocked to see Rishi’s hand that pops out of the pile. He asks Balwinder what is it. Balwinder lies to him and asks him to leave. Lakshmi wishes Rishi comes back. She doesn’t like anything when he isn’t around. She wants to talk to him. Balwinder lies to the man that it’s a statue, not any human. The man pushes him away and uncovers Rishi. He identifies Rishi and asks Balwinder did he kill Rishi.

Balwinder threatens of killing him. He tells that he will go and tell everything to Ayush. The man runs away. Balwinder gets into trouble. He tells that he will not leave his dream unfulfilled. He doesn’t take Malishka’s call. Malishka tells Kiran that Balwinder will end everything for him. Balwinder leaves Rishi there and goes to stop the man from reaching Ayush. The man calls out Ayush. Balwinder nabs him and shuts his mouth. The man runs and collides with Lakshmi. She asks him what is the matter. Balwinder wants to kill him. He ignites some fire there to distract them.

Lakshmi and family see some smoke and get scared. They run to check the fire. Balwinder hits on the man’s head and faints him down. Lakshmi tells Ayush that the servant wanted to tell her something. Shalu tells that there might be some connection with this fire too. Lakshmi asks Virender not to worry. Ayush asks Shalu to come, they will go and find the servant. Balwinder hides the man, and goes to finish his task of killing Rishi. The family waits for Rishi. Neelam tells that Ayush will do the Raavan Dahan rituals if Rishi doesn’t come on time.


Bhagya Lakshmi 19th October 2022 Written Update Rishi missing:

Ayush tells Neelam that he will get Rishi soon. He calls Rishi. Balwinder checks his call and disconnects. He messages Ayush that he is coming. Ayush is relieved that Rishi is going to come soon. Balwinder tells Rishi that he will give him a deadly death, he will burn him inside the Raavan, his own family will burn him alive unknowingly. He leaves from there. Lakshmi remembers that she wanted Rishi to do the Raavan Dahan. She recalls a moment with Rishi, when he was excited for Raavan Dahan, she had helped him wear the Ram clothes.

She doesn’t think Rishi will miss the Raavan dahan, when he so wanted to burn the Raavan and keep the family traditions. She calls Rishi. She messages him to inform about Raavan Dahan mahurat. Balwinder checks her message. He tells that Rishi’s Dahan will also happen along with Raavan Dahan. Ayush doesn’t know where is Rishi. Kiran worries that Rishi isn’t coming. She tells Malishka that Balwinder might have done something to Rishi to take revenge on him. Malishka tells that she will kill Balwinder if he dares harm her Rishi. She calls Balwinder, but he doesn’t take her call.

He wants to win the move today. Malishka is also scared for Rishi’s life. Balwinder tells that Lakshmi and Malishka are mad for Rishi. He wants Rishi’s game to end. He messages Lakshmi, asking her to let someone else do the Raavan Dahan. She doesn’t think Rishi can say such a thing. She doubts that Rishi is in some trouble. She wonders where is he. Ayush senses Rishi around the Raavan effigy when he gets the smell of his perfume. He looks around and doesn’t find him. Malishka asks him did he find Rishi. He tells that he didn’t get Rishi till now. He adds that he doesn’t want to argue with her on the festive day.

Malishka asks Ayush is he lying, because she has also sensed Rishi’s perfume. They both end up arguing. Sonia calls Ayush and asks him to take Ram’s avatar to burn the Raavan. She asks Ayush to rush, its Neelam’s orders. Lakshmi wants to know where is her Ram, Rishi. Rishi gets conscious and recalls meeting Balwinder. He finds himself tied up. Rano asks Neha to go to Ayush and trap him. Neha happily runs to meet Ayush. Ayush gets ready as Ram. Neha meets him and tells that she is blessed to meet Shri Ram. Ayush thinks she is really believing that he is Shri Ram.

He plays a prank on her. He asks her to express her wishes. Neha tells that he knows it already. He asks her what does she want. She tells that she wants a good life for herself. He asks her to be clear about her wish. She tells that she wants a loving, smart and rich husband. He tells that she has a long list, she will get the husband as she wants, but she has to work hard. She asks what does she need to do. He wonders what to do. He thinks she is really stupid. Shalu enters the room to meet Ayush. Neha tells her that she can see Shri Ram in front of her. Shalu tells that she can’t see anyone there. Neha feels more happy that just she can see him. Shalu tells Neha that Ayush is playing a prank. She ends Ayush’s drama. Balwinder keeps an eye on the effigy. She doesn’t want Rishi to get any help.

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