Bade Acche Lagte 19th October 2022 Spoilers Priya’s past

Bade Acche Lagte 19th October 2022 Spoilers Priya's past

Bade Acche Lagte 19th October 2022 Spoilers Priya’s past Ram and Priya make the day for Pihu. The child custody judge reaches home and stops their celebrations. She tells that Ram and Priya can’t fool her by showing the perfect family drama, because she knows the truth. She shows them the proof of Priya’s jail term, and tells that it’s the truth that wasn’t presented in front of her. Nandini and Shubham plan to expose Vedika in front of Ram, and win his trust back. Vedika has no idea that Ram is planning to unmask her plans in the party. Ram and Priya stand strong to answer the judge about Priya’s innocence and sacrifice in Shivina’s accident case.


Sonali turns Nikhil’s mother Kiran totally against Pallavi. Kiran doesn’t have any faith left on Pallavi and asks Nikhil to rethink about his marriage decision. Sonali and Ranveer’s hindrance in Nikhil and Pallavi’s lives spoil their relation. Nikhil gets a moment to talk to Pallavi. He tells that Ranveer sang a heart-breaking song for her in the mehendi party, and Pallavi didn’t stop him from doing so, which shows she was also liking it. He tells her that he has no reason to trust her.


Pallavi has no relation with Ranveer. She asks Nikhil to stop suspecting her. He questions her about Ranveer. Pallavi tells that she doesn’t know about Ranveer’s intentions. He asks her to stop taking Ranveer’s name, she surely has some feelings for Ranveer in her heart. Nikhil and Pallavi get ahead with the haldi ceremony. After the haldi rituals, Nikhil tells Pallavi that he can’t stay back to hear more about Ranveer. He leaves from the function, while Sonali enjoys his reaction fueled by jealousy. She tells that her planning will break Nikhil and Pallavi’s relation before its formation. She wants Nikhil just for herself.


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