Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Upcoming Nehmat slaps Naaz

Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Upcoming Nehmat slaps Naaz

Udaariyaan 19th October 2022 Upcoming Nehmat slaps Naaz Ekam meets Advait after the function. He has become a police officer. He tells Advait that he knows about him, that Advait is Shamsher Kapoor’s son. Advait replies that Ekam knows a lot about him. Ekam tells that he has to keep information about everyone, because he may need to take action on anyone anytime. This unexpected warning shocks Advait. Meanwhile, Nehmat and Mallika confront Naaz about Ekam’s gifted earrings. Mallika tells Nehmat that Naaz would have stolen the earrings out of jealousy. She asks Nehmat to confront Naaz for the truth.

Nehmat politely asks Naaz if she knows anything about the earrings that belonged to Ekam’s grandma. She tells that he had gifted it to her with love and wanted her to wear that in the function. Mallika asks Nehmat to ask about the earrings directly. She is sure that Naaz has stolen the earrings. Naaz angrily blurts the truth that she has stolen the earrings. Nehmat loses her cool on knowing this and slaps Naaz.

Swaran Ghar:
Swaran and Ajit try to talk to Divya about their relation. Bebe gathers both the families under one roof. She meets everyone in Swaran Ghar and tells that she wants to talk about Swaran and Ajit’s marriage. She tells that just Divya and Vikram are against the marriage, they are not happy with this, but its their wish now. Vikram tells that it’s a yes from his side now. He adds that he will be happy in Swaran’s happiness. Ajit then explains Divya to give her consent with happiness. Divya refuses and raises an objection on Swaran and Ajit’s marriage.


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