Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Shock for Aaliya

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Shock for Aaliya

Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Shock for Aaliya Aaliya tells Rhea about her goon will be accompanying Sid, who wants to eagerly meet Mihika. She adds that when Sid and the goon sit in the car, the goon will insist Sid to drive the car, once the car starts, then it will not stop, just Sid’s breath will stop, Sid will die. Aryan stops Shahana from accompanying Sid, because he doesn’t believe Sid. He tells that he will go with Sid. He sits in the car and tells Sid that he will drive. Pallavi informs Aaliya that she has seen Aryan helping some people, he was driving the car. Aaliya is shell shocked to know that Aryan is in the driver’s seat, which means he is in danger. She grows worried for her son. How will Aaliya save Aryan? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rhea gets worried seeing Ranbir close to Prachi. She tells Aaliya that Ranbir will get burns if he is with Prachi. She wants to save Ranbir.

Prachi angrily stares at Ranbir and Neha. Dida is glad to see Prachi’s jealousy and love for Ranbir. Rhea is also irritated seeing Ranbir with Neha. Prachi and Rhea hinder Ranbir and Neha’s conversation to split them. Pallavi tells that she didn’t call Ranbir. Prachi tells that Ranbir is her husband. She sends off Neha. Rhea asks Prachi what is she doing, she shouldn’t do this, Ranbir isn’t her husband. Prachi asks her to awaken. She tells that Ranbir is just of her for the next seven births, its her Kumkum Bhagya. Rhea waits for Prachi’s dupatta to catch fire.


Kumkum Bhagya 20th October 2022 Written Update Shock for Aaliya:

Rhea takes Prachi’s dupatta in her hand and then tries to put it closer to the diya. Aaliya stops Rhea from doing so and takes her away from there. Rhea asks Aaliya what is she doing. Pallavi finds them rushing outside, and wonders what’s the matter. She sees Rhea’s dupatta and realizes that Rhea and Prachi’s dupatta got exchanged. She tells Vikram that Rhea and Prachi’s dupattas got swapped. Vikram asks her what’s the big deal, its totally okay, they are sisters. Pallavi rushes to tell Rhea. Ranbir apologizes to Neha. She asks him why does he want to make his wife jealous. They see Prachi coming and play a drama to make Prachi jealous. Ranbir asks Neha to go, else Prachi will divorce him.

He sends Neha. Prachi asks Ranbir what is going on. Ranbir acts ignorant and doesn’t answer her. Aaliya asks Rhea what was she doing. Rhea tells that Prachi is still alive. She can’t see Prachi alive. Aaliya asks her to have patience, and stay away from Prachi. She doesn’t want the family to doubt Rhea. She tells Rhea that they shouldn’t use the last option first. She finds her goon coming. She signs him to come. Rhea asks her why did she call him there. Aaliya tells that she doesn’t want anyone to find their meeting suspicious. She asks the man if he did the work.

Aaliya tells Rhea that the man has failed the car brakes, Sid will drive the car and then die, because the car will not stop, just Sid’s breath will stop. Rhea tells that Sid is coming. Aaliya asks her to see Sid as much as she wants. Rhea tells that she doesn’t want to see Sid, but just Ranbir. Aaliya asks Sid to go with the man, he will take him to meet Mihika. Sid leaves.

Aaliya looks for Aryan. Aryan asks Shahana who is she calling so desperately. She tells that she is avoiding him right now. He snatches her phone and teases her. He tells that she won’t get her phone. He asks her if she was talking to Sid. He wants to know what is going on, why are all the girls mad for Sid. She tells that Sid is really good, he respects girls and treats them well. He tells that even he respects girls. He asks her what is going on, what’s the truth. She thinks to tell him that they are going to meet Mihika. The man asks Sid to take the car. He tells about his wife’s medical emergency.

Sid asks Shahana to come. She tells Sid that she will drive the car. Aryan stops her from going with Sid. He tells that he will drive. Pallavi sees Aryan leaving in the car. Sid tells that Aryan can’t come with them. Aryan doesn’t listen and drives. Meanwhile, Prachi meets Neha and rebukes her for doing wrong with her. She asks Neha if she wants her to do wrong with her. She warns Neha against meeting Ranbir. She asks Neha to take a deep breath and enjoy Diwali. She asks Neha not to get after Ranbir. Ranbir overhears this. He tells that Neha understood. He asks Prachi not to shout so much, else everyone will hear her love. Prachi makes an excuse and goes.

Ranbir thanks Neha for awakening the real Prachi. He goes to see Prachi. Aaliya looks for Aryan. She tells that Aryan doesn’t listen to her. Pallavi meets her and tells that she has made a big mistake. Aaliya complains about Aryan, who doesn’t listen to her at all. Pallavi tells that Aryan is a responsible person, he was helping people and driving the black car to park it away from the crackers point. Aaliya grows worried. Pallavi then shocks her by revealing about the dupatta swap. She asks why was Rhea wearing Prachi’s dupatta. Aaliya can’t believe this blunder. Pallavi asks her what happened. Aaliya rushes to save Rhea and Aryan.

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