Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Pranbir promise

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Pranbir promise

Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Pranbir promise Pallavi tells Prachi that everything got spoiled because of her and now she will go to Ranbir and fix everything. She doesn’t want to mourn on the eve of Diwali. She sends Prachi to Ranbir to emotionally console him. Pallavi orders Prachi to give strength to Ranbir, so that he doesn’t take any wrong move as feared by Vikram. On the other side, Rhea tells Aaliya that she can’t do anything of Ranbir, but she can do a lot to Prachi, she can kill Prachi. Ranbir and Prachi have an emotional moment when they meet and console each other. He tells that she is doing everything on Pallavi’s orders, he knows how helpless she is, she is marrying Sid for Pallavi’s sake, but now its his promise that he will fix everything. Prachi cries out of sheer happiness and expects Ranbir to keep his word this time.

Earlier in the show, Pallavi tells Prachi that Vikram is hurting her because of her. Vikram asks Pallavi to stop blaming and scolding Prachi. He tells that Ranbir went mad in anger and bashed up Sid. He asks Pallavi couldn’t she talk to Ranbir later after the function ended.

He tells her that if Ranbir goes away, then he will never come back, he is sensitive, he is broken and hurt by her words. He warns her. He tells that if he finds his son crying because of her, then it won’t be good for their relation. He asks her to go and console Ranbir. He advises her to not become a bad mother in front of Ranbir, who can’t bear more hits on his relations. He apologizes to Prachi. He asks Prachi to talk to Ranbir and pacify him. Pallavi stops Prachi.


Kumkum Bhagya 25th October 2022 Written Update Pranbir promise:

Pallavi tells Prachi that Ranbir and Sid are fighting because of her. She regrets that even Vikram fought with her. She asks if Prachi will make Rhea and Aaliya fight now. She requests Prachi to stop humiliating them. She asks her to not do any drama. She asks her to show the guests that everything is perfect and happy in the Kohli family, they are an ideal family. She asks Prachi to just do as she told her. Rhea meets Prachi after Pallavi goes. She tells that nobody loves Prachi, its not her house. She asks Prachi to just marry Sid and leave. Prachi asks Rhea to stop commanding her. She doesn’t want anyone to overpower her. Rhea asks Prachi what will she do.

She scolds Prachi, just when Ranbir comes and defends the latter. Prachi and Ranbir get away. Rhea tells Aaliya that they have to swap the dupatta soon, she can’t see Prachi with Ranbir. Prachi is hurt recalling Pallavi’s words. Ranbir asks her why is she crying. He holds her face. She makes Ranbir away. Ranbir doesn’t leave her to part ways. He wipes her tears with much love. They have an emotional cryout moment. She tells that she has hurt Pallavi’s heart and disappointed her a lot, Pallavi wants her to fix everything that spoiled. She asks Ranbir to stay happy and fix everything right like Pallavi wants, for her sake. Ranbir tells that she asked for something that too for someone else. He doesn’t want to refuse to her wish. He tells that he will make everything right just for Prachi’s sake. The lovers continue to shed tears.

Shahana finds Aryan worried and ask him what’s bothering him. He tells that he will tell her later. Dida asks about Prachi. Aryan tells that he has seen her going to the corridor. He sees Sid and taunts Shahana that her favorite person has come. Dida asks him why is he jealous. Pallavi feels awkward to face Vikram. Aaliya asks Rhea to support Pallavi, who is emotionally broken. Rhea pacifies Pallavi. She asks Pallavi not to think much about Prachi. Pallavi tells that she is thinking of Vikram, who got miffed because of Prachi.

She adds that she wasn’t provoking Ranbir, but explaining him the difference between truth and lies. Rhea asks why is Vikram upset. Pallavi tells that he is favoring Prachi. She regrets that he is against his wife. Rhea tells that Prachi has brainwashed him against her. Ranbir apologizes to everyone for spoiling their evening by fighting with Sid. He tells that he wants them to have a good time. He also apologizes to Sid. He finds a smile on Prachi’s face. He tells that he didn’t wish to hurt Sid. He surprises them by bringing on an amazing dance performance with Prachi. Ranbir shows that he isn’t affected by Pallavi’s words. Ranbir and Prachi’s romantic dance irks Pallavi and Rhea.

Rhea asks Aaliya to bring Prachi outside and then light fire to her. Aaliya asks Rhea to get the fire crackers. Shahana realizes that the accident was planned. She tells Prachi that Aaliya wanted to kill Sid. Prachi and Sid are shocked by her words. Shahana tells Prachi that Aaliya got angry when Sid threatened her, Aaliya lied to Sid and sent him in the car by failing the brakes, luckily they got saved because of Aryan. Sid doesn’t want Ranbir to learn the matter. Ranbir asks them to continue their talks. Rhea asks Prachi to come with her for a talk. Rhea takes her along. Ranbir wonders why everyone is behaving strange. Shahana tells Sid that she can understand everything.

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