Imlie Wedding twist 26th October 2022 Upcoming

Imlie Wedding twist 26th October 2022 Upcoming

Imlie Wedding twist 26th October 2022 Upcoming Chini cunningly plans to replace Imlie in the mandap. She harms Imlie by adding the poisonous chemical in the makeup. She makes Imlie faint for some hours. She decks up as the bride to take Imlie’s place and marry Atharv. Imlie gets conscious before the marriage mahurat. She wonders why nobody from the family came to take her to the mandap. She finds herself locked in the room. She wishes that someone comes to rescue. After a long wait, Imlie is left with no option than to jump down the window. She sees the mattresses put down on the ground floor, exactly below the window area. Imlie jumps down the window and falls over the mattresses.

She gets saved, but suffers a little prick on her foot by the glass piece. She removes the glass piece and walks ahead to reach the mandap. She wants to find out who locked her in the room. She decides to enter the house from the backdoor and meet her family. Chini gets scared that her truth will come out if anyone sees her face. Chini meets Atharv and hugs him. She tells him that their plan worked. Atharv also hopes that he gets married to Chini. Imlie makes her way back to Atharv and dons the ghunghat, to go with him to the mandap. Atharv is left in a big dilemma. Unaware of Atharv and Chini’s love and plotting, Imlie reaches the mandap as selected by her fate and sits for the marriage, breaking Chini’s dreams. What twists will come in the marriage? Keep reading.

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