Imlie 27th October 2022 Upcoming Shock for Atharv

Imlie 27th October 2022 Upcoming Shock for Atharv

Imlie 27th October 2022 Upcoming Shock for Atharv Chini meets Atharv at the temple and tells him how she has replaced Imlie in the mandap. Rudra suspects something is wrong when he sees the blood stains and foot marks on the backdoor entry. He wonders who has come from the backdoor. Atharv and Chini are happy to finally get married in the family’s presence. Chini gets kidnapped by Rudra’s men before Atharv could realize it. Imlie reaches Atharv and stands by his side, without letting him know that she is with him. Atharv and Imlie head to the mandap for the marriage.

Rudra lectures Chini for cheating Imlie and taking her place in the mandap. He tells that she has done a wrong thing. He knows that just Imlie is made for Atharv. He tricks Chini. He tells her that he won’t come in her way of love for Atharv, but she/Chini can never get Atharv’s assets. He tells that it doesn’t matter if Chini wants to marry Atharv, and not his surname and richness. He tells her that if she marries Atharv, then he will disown his son and not give him any share of the property. Chini is left shocked.

She wants to marry Atharv just for the sake of money. The family grows emotional on Imlie’s marriage. Rudra tells Chini that Atharv thinks true love is the real asset, even she might think the same, but money is needed to live a good life. He blesses her to go and marry Atharv. He gives her a rupee as Shagun, and asks her not to expect anything else from him. He keeps a deal in front of her. He offers her much money and asks her to change her decision of marrying Atharv. He asks her to just select what she wants, the one rupee shagun or the offered money. She asks him if he has come to buy her love.


She tells that she is different, her love isn’t on sale. Atharv confesses love to Chini. Imlie smiles thinking he is talking about her. A gun shot scares the family. Atharv stops the men from creating chaos in the marriage. Atharv tries to avoid the Ghunghat rasam, to hide Chini’s truth from everyone. He doesn’t know about the shock awaiting to strike him. Imlie feels shy to face Atharv.

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