Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Pallavi framed

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Pallavi framed

Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Pallavi framed The police nabs the tailor who had crafted that explosive dupatta. Aaliya signs Rhea to inform the tailor that they have got caught by the family. Aaliya doesn’t want the blame to come on her. She worries that her crime can get exposed. The tailor arrives home, and gets interrogated by inspector Yamini. Aaliya falls in his feet and apologizes to him. She begs him to say the truth and not frame her. He tells that Aaliya had given him the cloth to make a dupatta, but she didn’t want to kill Prachi. He adds that Aaliya isn’t the person who asked him to add explosives in the dupatta lining to kill Prachi, its someone else.

On being questioned, he reveals the name of that culprit as Pallavi. The tailor’s confession shocks everyone. He accuses Pallavi for attempting to kill Prachi. More than anyone, Pallavi freezes by the shocking accusation. Ranbir and Vikram also suspect Pallavi, who doesn’t like Prachi. Prachi shows trust on Pallavi, surprisingly. How will Pallavi prove her innocence? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Yamini tells that she will solve the matter, their time is precious and they should use it well. Rhea asks her to talk to Prachi. She lies that she loves Prachi a lot. Yamini tells that she doesn’t doubt Ranbir and Prachi. She asks Aaliya for her phone. She checks the phone and asks did she message the tailor. Aaliya tells that the tailor made the dupattas. Yamini asks her to call the tailor and ask him to come home. Aaliya makes an excuse. Yamini calls him and asks him to reach Kohli house soon. Aaliya gets scared. Yamini asks them to arrange tea for her, while she waits for the tailor to come. Aaliya and Rhea get pale-faced.


Kumkum Bhagya 31st October 2022 Written Update Pallavi framed:

Tailor wonders why did the police call him from Aaliya’s phone. He wants to ask Aaliya if she told the police about his involvement in the crime. He calls Aaliya. Yamini asks why is the tailor calling Aaliya when she asked him to come. Aaliya tells that maybe he wants to know what is happening here. Shahana gets the tea for everyone. Aryan tells that something is stuck under her foot. Shahana tells that she will dump the paper. Yamini takes the paper, and checks the report. She goes to hand it over to Ranbir, but Rhea stumbles her to drop the reports down. Rhea takes the pregnancy report, and tells that it’s a trash, its useless paper. She tears the report and goes to trash it.

Dida tells that she can’t wait for the tailor further. She goes to sleep. Yamini asks Aaliya to call the tailor, maybe its something important. Aaliya tells that the call isn’t getting through. Prachi takes care of Dida. She gives her medicines. She asks Dida not to skip the medicines. Ranbir finds Prachi sweetly handling Dida. Prachi asks Dida to change her clothes and sleep. Dida tells that she will get sleep if Prachi sings a lullaby for her. Prachi refuses and asks her to just sleep. Ranbir is happy with his old Prachi coming back. He stops Prachi for a talk. He asks her if she thought why he gets rude sometimes. She asks him why does he always get rude. He smiles. She asks him not to fake smile. She sits there to hear his long story.

He delays his confession of love. She asks him will he say it or should she wait for an auspicious time. He gets close to whisper in her ear that she is really good, and he is really bad. She calls him rude. He tells that he isn’t rude. He asks her what did he do that she made this opinion. She tells that he is taking much care of Rhea. He tells that she is really jealous. She denies the jealousy. He asks her to have water. She goes away. He tells that he doesn’t know when she comes and when she leaves. He looks for her. They go to the hall and wait for the tailor. The tailor arrives home.

Yamini asks his name. He tells he is Sukesh, he is working as a tailor since 10 years, its his family profession. Yamini confronts him about the explosive dupatta making. Aaliya and Rhea get really worried. He attempts to flee. Yamini catches him and asks him to name the enemy who tried to kill Prachi. He tensely names Aaliya, leaving Kohlis shocked. Aaliya freezes by his confession. He tells that he has made that special dupatta on Aaliya’s word. Aaliya calls it a lie.

She tells that he is lying to frame her. She asks the tailor who has paid him money to take her name. Yamini tells that Aaliya might have given him the money. Ranbir asks Aaliya how can she do this. Rhea asks him not to blame Aaliya. Ranbir tells that the tailor’s statement has cleared everything. Vikram shouts on Aaliya. He asks her to at least think of Prachi’s pregnancy. Aaliya tells that tailor is lying. She begs him to say the truth, she didn’t try to kill Prachi. Tailor tells that Aaliya asked him to make the dupatta, but the culprit who wanted to kill Prachi is Pallavi. He tells that Pallavi wants to kill Prachi. He frames Pallavi, and proves Aaliya innocent. He runs away from there.

Ranbir and the police follow him, and try to find him. Tailor doesn’t want to get caught by Aaliya. Aaliya asks Rhea if she heard it right. Rhea tells that the tailor took Pallavi’s name. Prachi tells that the tailor was lying, he took Aaliya’s name first and then Pallavi’s name, he was just fooling them. Pallavi tells that he said that to distract them. She wonders why does the tailor want to kill Prachi, he might be targeting the entire family, not just Prachi. She feels the need to find out the truth, else they can’t feel safe. Rhea tells that she also feels someone is keeping an eye on her.

Shahana asks why didn’t she tell this to anyone before. Aaliya asks Shahana not to interfere in family matters. Aryan defends Shahana. Aaliya asks him to shut up. Vikram tells that Aaliya is frustrated, its okay that they are together and trust each other, they should go and take rest. Vikram asks about Ranbir. Sid tells that Ranbir has gone after the tailor. Vikram asks Prachi to take rest, nothing will happen, everything will soon get fine, they are with her. Prachi is glad to receive their love and faith.

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