Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update Prachi best move

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update Prachi best move

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update Prachi best move Pallavi yells at Ranbir when he defends Prachi after reading the defaming news. Pallavi tells Ranbir that the family has lost its reputation because of Sid, Prachi and him. She tells that the family has got a rift between them, because of Prachi’s pregnancy. She blames Prachi for breaking the family. Prachi tells Pallavi that Rhea is lying. She shouts that she isn’t pregnant with Sid’s child. Ranbir wants to believe Prachi. His heart goes all out to Prachi. Prachi rebukes Rhea in anger. She reminds Rhea that she smartly asked Prachi to get a DNA test done to prove the truth about the baby’s father. She suggests that even Rhea gets a DNA test done to prove that her baby is also of Ranbir. She asks Rhea to get the DNA test done and prove to them that she is carrying Ranbir’s baby. She wants to prove Rhea wrong.

Earlier in the show, Vikram doesn’t see the picture and news. Aaliya tells that Vikram won’t tell anyone about the news. Rhea finds out that the news is circulated. Aaliya wants the family to check the breaking news. Dida and Pallavi to keep their phones down. Aaliya asks Vikram what is the news. She reveals to them about the shocking article about Prachi’s affair with Sid. The family is shocked to know this. Aaliya tells that Prachi is defamed by the news article, and even Kohlis lost their reputation. Rhea asks them if Prachi’s video is coming in any news app. The family is shocked to find Prachi’s name maligned. Rhea reads the dirty headlines and upsets Prachi.

Kumkum Bhagya 2nd November 2022 Written Update Prachi best move:


Rhea asks everyone to see if Prachi’s video has come on any news app. The family members check the video and are shocked to read the defaming news. Ranbir angrily throws the phone. Pallavi asks him what’s wrong with him. Ranbir asks what are they publishing in the newspaper. Aaliya asks him to calm down, Prachi is engaged to Sid, she was dancing with Sid and then Ranbir in the video, she is being misunderstood, her character is misjudged. Ranbir tells that they can’t point on her character, he will sue the newspaper house. Rhea asks Ranbir how much media houses will he shut, he won’t get any result soon.

She asks him to do something to prove Prachi right. Ranbir tells that he will teach them a lesson for interfering in their personal life. Pallavi tells that she is ashamed and wants to leave the city. She feels insulted. She tells that Ranbir just sees Prachi, not the family. She blames Ranbir, Sid and Prachi for spoiling the family reputation. She tells that everyone has praised their family for their success, but this time the family has lost the goodwill.

Ranbir tells that someone has conspired against Prachi. Pallavi tells that nobody can break the family until there is a rift in it. She feels the rift is Prachi’s pregnancy, Prachi is carrying Sid’s child, that’s why the family is facing this day. She tells that its not easy to make a clean family dirty, but if the dirt is already there, then its easy to make it more dirty. He asks her not to say that about Prachi. Pallavi asks Prachi to come with her. She asks Vikram to handle his son. Ranbir tells that he will find out who has done this. Vikram asks him to stop. Ranbir leaves.

Dida tells that the family caught a bad sight. Vikram worries for Dida’s health. She asks Aryan to call a doctor for Dida. Pallavi tells that Prachi is to be blamed, she has done wrong. Prachi asks what did she do. Pallavi asks Prachi why did she go close to Sid, when the marriage didn’t happen yet. She feels Prachi doesn’t care for them and the family, she is a disgusting woman. Prachi asks her not to say this. Pallavi asks her if she can stay loyal in any relation. She calls Prachi shameless. Prachi asks her to listen to her once. Pallavi asks her if she has a reason for her deeds.

Prachi tells that she has a reason. Pallavi tells that her family respect is more important to her. She asks Prachi to inform the reporters that she is going to marry Sid. Dida reaches there to defend Prachi. Pallavi tells that Prachi has to handle the media. Dida doesn’t want Prachi to call anyone. She stops Pallavi from always dominating the family. Dida saves Prachi from Pallavi’s wrath. Ranbir gets frustrated. Aryan calls him and tells him that Pallavi has scolded Prachi a lot. Prachi takes the phone and tells Ranbir that she is okay, he doesn’t need to worry.

Ranbir goes back home. Aryan tells that Prachi should share her feelings with Ranbir. Prachi doesn’t want Ranbir to worry. Dida shouts to call Vikram. Vikram asks her why is she happy. Dida asks him to handle Pallavi. She lectures Pallavi. She doesn’t like Pallavi commanding Prachi. Vikram asks Pallavi what did she tell Prachi. Pallavi asks him to read the news than questioning her. Dida asks her how can she vent out the anger on Prachi. She tells that Ranbir got angry, but not on Prachi. Pallavi tells that its Prachi’s mistake, she defamed them.

Dida asks Pallavi not to use harsh words against Prachi. Prachi gets worried hearing the heated argument between Dida and Pallavi. Pallavi tells that Dida is taking Prachi’s side, even when she knows Prachi is wrong. Vikram asks her to calm down. Ranbir arrives and asks her what is happening. Pallavi doesn’t answer. Rhea tells that Pallavi is trying to solve the problem. Pallavi thanks Rhea for understanding her. Ranbir asks her what is the problem, its not Prachi’s mistake. He tells that he will call the reporter Pradeep, who has published a paid article.

Aaliya asks Prachi to call the media and clear the matter, tell them that she is going to marry Sid. Ranbir asks them to stop it. Rhea asks Prachi to fulfil her duty, the family has done a lot for her and the baby, they decided to get her married to Sid just to make the baby legitimate. She lectures Prachi just like Pallavi. She asks her to call the reporter to control the damage. She insults Prachi. Ranbir asks her not to intervene in the matter. He throws a chair in anger, and asks all of them to just shut up. He tells that its not Prachi’s mistake.

Pallavi tells that the media will get silent when Prachi and Sid get married soon. Rhea tells that Prachi should apologize to all of them for ruining the family reputation. She asks Prachi how can she do such characterless deeds. Prachi calls it enough. She tells that she isn’t pregnant with Sid’s child, Rhea is lying. Sid worries for Mihika, and signs Prachi to cover up the truth. Ranbir asks Prachi what did she say. Prachi tells that she also can’t believe that Rhea is pregnant with Ranbir’s child, she is also characterless.

Aaliya asks her to talk about herself, about Sid and her relation, her illegitimate affair and child. Prachi asks her to give the lecture to Rhea also. She also suspects Rhea’s pregnancy. Rhea asks her to mind it. Prachi asks Rhea to get a DNA test done to prove that she is carrying Ranbir’s child. She puts Rhea in a big fix. She finds Rhea’s face turning pale. She wants everyone to know Rhea’s truth.

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