Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Aaliya doubts Prachi’s engagement

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Aaliya doubts Prachi's engagement

Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Aaliya doubts Prachi’s engagement Rhea and Aaliya find themselves in fix after Pallavi orders Rhea to invite Mihika for marriage festivities. Sid warns Rhea and Aaliya that he will leave the function midway. Aaliya asks didn’t he is scared of them. Sid tells that he has become fearless like Prachi. Ranbir tells Prachi that he wants to tell her that she is not his part of life, but such a chapter of his life without which he is incomplete. Aaliya tells Rhea that they don’t need to execute any conspiracy tomorrow, but just have to give the answer to Prachi’s moves. She doubts if Prachi’s engagement with Sid is genuine and shares her doubt with Rhea. They think to find out what is in Prachi’s mind.

Earlier in the show, Shahana tells that Rhea has given pregnant lady’s sample. Prachi says Rhea doesn’t know that she has given her own sample. She tells that Rhea had fainted after drinking water and the Nurse made her rest on the bed. The Nurse hired by Prachi takes Rhea’s sample after dropping down the lady’s sample on the floor. Shahana tells that so that means Rhea’s pregnancy report will arrive tomorrow. Prachi says yes. She tells that it is enough of game of mouse and cat game, and tells that mouse will be either hunted by the cat or will be caged.

Pallavi reminisces the past and asks Sid to call Mihika for the marriage functions. Sid tells Pallavi that if he calls Mihika then she might not come, fearing Dida’s reaction, so it is better if she orders Rhea to call her, Mihika is closer to Rhea and will come if she tells her. Pallavi says ok. They go to Rhea’s room. Pallavi scares Aaliya and Rhea, by asking about Mihika. She then orders Rhea to call Mihika else she will invite her. Sid tells that it was Pallavi’s idea and he suggested her to ask Rhea to call her. He thanks Pallavi and tells that he had decided to get up from in between the rituals and leave it midway if Mihika doesn’t arrive. Rhea looks at Aaliya.


Kumkum Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Aaliya doubts Prachi’s engagement:

Sid is sure that Rhea will bring Mihika there as Pallavi ordered her. He tells that he had decided to leave midway from doing the rituals and will not complete it, as he loves Mihika. Pallavi orders Rhea to call Mihika with love. Sid is about to leave behind Pallavi. Aaliya asks him to stay back. Sid tells that he has work. Rhea says we are handling you work. Aaliya tells that they understand his game. Sid tells that they have thrown his request on the road and warns them saying that he will leave function midway if they don’t bring Mihika. Aaliya asks if he is not scared? Sid tells that he has become fearless like Prachi, they have made him so fearful that he got away with all his fears.

Shahana asks Aryan what is bothering him so much. She asks him to invite Mili for sangeet function and meet her. She insists him to call her. Aryan tells that he will call later. Shahana insists again. He calls Mili.

Prachi comes to the kitchen being hungry during pregnancy and talks to her unborn baby that he is like his Papa and eats food in middle of night. Ranbir comes there to have food. Prachi tells that all the food is finished. Ranbir suggests that they shall make dal. Prachi tells that everyone might wake up hearing the whistle. Ranbir suggests that they shall have sandwich. Prachi laughs. Ranbir sees her laughing and remembers something. She tells that bread is over, they shall have cup cakes brought by Shahana. Prachi asks what he remembered when he was standing near the fridge. Ranbir tells that usually she gets irritated being hungry, but she was stress free. Prachi tells that she had decided that nothing will happen with stress, so she shall be calm, and hopes everything will be fine. Ranbir asks how? Prachi asks don’t you know. He asks do you think me intelligent. She asks him to calm down and don’t get hyper. He asks her to say. Prachi tells that she will go, as she is scared of his eyes. He tells her sorry and tells that he don’t know what he will lose or gain tomorrow, but want her to know that she is not just part of his life, but a story of his life and his life is incomplete without her, she completes him. He goes. Prachi promises to be with him and will never let their story remain incomplete.

Rhea tells Aaliya that they have to obey Pallavi’s sayings. Aaliya refuses to take big risk. Rhea tells that they have to swim before they get drown. Aaliya tells that Sid is obeying us being afraid of us, and if they bring her here then he will not marry Prachi. Rhea tells that if Ranbir had trusted her, then she would have thought of a plan.

Ranbir feels good about her moments with Prachi and thinks things are changing between Prachi and her. Prachi comes out of kitchen and stumbles. He holds Prachi. Aaliya and Rhea witness their romantic encounter and get upset and jealous. As Prachi finds it difficult to walk, Ranbir lifts her and takes her from there. Rhea gets stunned. Ranbir takes Prachi to room and makes her comfortable. He tells her that her behavior is changed. Prachi asks if he wants her to be rude with him. Ranbir wants Prachi to talk to him good so that love rain gets showered on the barren land. He feels good of her changed behavior. Prachi laughs. He says it is fun to see you laughing like this and asks her to smile always. He wants her to stay happy always and is about to go. He asks did you say that you like me? Prachi smiles to hear Chikchiki from him.

Aaliya is upset to see Ranbir and Prachi romancing. Rhea tells that she don’t understand Prachi’s stooping level with Ranbir, as she is marrying Sid. She tells that Prachi shall be in Sati Savitri Character and shall not be characterless. She tells that if she (herself) does such things then it makes sense, as she can do anything with anyone, it is all upto her. Aaliya tells that you are characterless and not Sati Savitri character. Rhea tells absolutely. She tells that Prachi has Pragya’s values. Aaliya tells that they are missing out something, and realizes that Prachi and Sid are not engaged. She tells that they have to prove it, they didn’t their game being overconfident. Rhea gets scared. Aaliya asks her not to show her fear to Prachi. She decides to find out what is in Prachi’s mind. She tells that they have to be cautious and shall counter attack to Prachi’s tricks.

Meanwhile Prachi assigns work to Shahana and Ranbir after decorator asks for time for the decorations. Ranbir agrees to do the work. Sid tells that he shall work as it is his sangeet, else Prachi will worry. Ranbir makes it clear to him asking him not to think about Prachi until he marries her.

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