Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Karan heroically saves Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Karan heroically saves Kavya

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Karan heroically saves Kavya Preeta asks Karan to go and throw the bomb jacket somewhere if he wants her daughter’s safety. Karan says I will save Kavya risking my life and will save everyone. He asks everyone to move from there and runs out to throw the bomb jacket. The Luthras get happy meeting Kavya and finding her safe. They take her home. Karan manages to throw the bomb to safety before the explosion.

Preeta is angry with Karan and holds him responsible for the big trouble in their lives. She seeks Rishabh’s help to go to the PS. There, she bashes up Raja and confronts him for his wrong move landing her daughter’s life in danger. Raja puts all the blame of his wrong doings on Arjun (Karan). Preeta fumes with anger and files case against Arjun

Earlier in the show, The Bomb Squad refuses to diffuse the bomb. Inspector Waghmare asks him to do the work. Rishabh says I will do, she is my daughter. He comes to Kavya. Preeta asks if she can hold her hand. The bomb squad says we can’t risk many people’s lives. Rishabh and karan ask him to let Preeta be with Kavya. Preeta holds Kavya’s hand. The bomb squad asks Preeta to separate the wires and says wrong wire shouldn’t get cut. Preeta asks Rishabh not to get nervous as it is the matter of their daughter. Rishabh cuts a wire.


Bomb squad says we have to cut two more wires. A terrorist comes out of the school and shoots at the bomb squad. The bullet hits his hand. Lady constables shoots him. Inspector Waghmare asks if he is fine? Bomb Squad says yes. Mahesh asks where is your other partner. Bomb squad says he is not experienced and says if anyone helps then I can cut the wire. Karan says I can cut the wire. Preeta says this has happened because of him, don’t take his help, I feel that my daughter is not safe with him. Arjun asks him to keep her hatred aside and worry for Kavya. Preeta says I worry for Kavya and that’s why saying this. Arjun says do you all think that I have done this with Kavya, and Preeta is trusting Raja. Preeta says yes, I think so. Dadi asks them to stop fighting and save Kavya first.

Kundali Bhagya 8th November 2022 Written Update Karan heroically saves Kavya:

Karan tells the Bomb squad that though he is not an expert, but will cut the wire correctly. Rakhi and Mahesh ask Preeta to let him cut the wire. Karan asks Kavya if she trusts him. She nods yes. He asks you know how much I love you and will never hurt you. He asks Officer to tell what to do. The Bomb Squad asks him to cut the yellow wire. Rishabh asks him to be careful. Karan is about to cut yellow wire. The Bomb Squad asks him to wait and then asks him to cut red wire. Karan asks are you sure? Bomb squad says yes. Karan cuts the red wire. Media says Arjun Suryavanshi has cut the wire. Shristi says bomb timer is not stopping. Bomb squad says still one more wire needs to be cut. He asks Karan to cut purple wire. Just then another terrorist come out of the school and shoots at Karan. Karan gets bullet on his hand. Everyone gets worried. Karan says he is fine. He cuts the purple wire and tells that three wires are cut, Kavya is safe. Bomb Squad says thank god. Rishabh says Bomb is beeping.

Raja says Bomb can’t diffuse, adn you all will die with this girl. He laughs. Rishabh says I will take your life. The bomb squad says we have cut the side wires, now we can take out the jacket and throw it to the safe place, then the girl’s life can be saved. He says we have 24 mins. Preeta and Rishabh take off the jacket from Kavya. Preeta takes the jacket while Rishabh hugs Kavya. Karan asks Preeta to give the jacket to him and says he will throw it. Preeta says this problem have happened due to you, if you want my daughter’s safety then throw it somewhere far. Arjun says I wil risk my life and will save Kavya and everyone. He asks everyone to move, and runs out holding the jacket.

Prithvi says thank god Preeta ji is safe. Sherlyn says thank god Rishabh is safe. Prithvi asks Sherlyn if she is saying this to make him jealous. She goes. Karan searches for the place to dumb the bomb and asks the people on the road to run, as bomb will explode. The reporter covers the news that the girl is saved and uniting with family, and the terrorists are arrested.

The Luthras thank Inspector Waghmare and other Inspector. Kavya asks about Karan. Rishabh says he will come home directly. Kavya says she wants to meet Mr. Handsome. Anjali thinks Arjun loves them so much, but they all care for Preeta. She thinks Kavya wanted to meet Arjun, and worries for him thinking where did he go to throw that bomb jacket. Karan runs and throws the jacket far. It explodes. He recalls Kavya introduces herself and reading her father name in school’s form. Everyone reaches home. Rishabh asks everyone to change and be comfortable. He goes to Preeta. Dadi says may be they are made for each other. Mahesh says Kavya is strong and will be fine. Rakhi thanks goddess.

Rishabh comes to room and sees Preeta with Kavya. She gets up. He gives her water and asks her to stop all her worries. Preeta drinks water. Rishabh asks if she is thinking something. Preeta tells that she wants to go to PS and asks him not to ask her, why? He says he won’t ask and asks her to come. She comes out and asks everyone to take care of Kavya. They ask where is she going alone? Rishabh says he is going alone. In the car, Rishabh asks why is she tensed? She asks him to call Police and asks if they can get the complaint filed. Rishabh calls Inspector Waghmare and says he is coming for some work.

Inspector Waghmare is getting the terrorists beaten up by the Constable. Preeta and Rishabh come there. Preeta sees Raja and slaps him repeatedly. Raja puts blame on Arjun Suryavanshi/Karan and tells that whatever happened is due to him, tells that he didn’t give his money so he has to do this to get money from him. He had come to know that he loves the girl very much and will do anything for him. Preeta asks Inspector Waghmare to write complaint against Arjun(Karan). Inspector Waghmare asks if she is sure? She says yes.

Karan thinks about Kavya. Anjali comes there in car and makes Karan drinks water. He asks her to take him to Kavya. Anjali says Kavya was missing you, Luthras took her with them. Karan says thank God, she is safe. He says he didn’t know that she will become his everything and asks her to take him there. Anjali takes him. Rishabh and Preeta are returning home. Rishabh asks Preeta if she is still angry and tells that she had vent out anger already. Preeta says 4-5 slaps are not enough for Raja and tells that they should have filed complaint against Arjun Suryavanshi when they come to know about him. He says he wants to tell her something, but getting scared of her. He asks her to calm down first. Preeta thinks she will not let Arjun (Kavya) come near her daughter.

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