Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi Rishi endearing romance

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi Rishi endearing romance

Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi Rishi endearing romance Rishi tells Lakshmi that he likes when she shows her rights on him and fights with people for him. He tells that he feel as if he is just hers. Lakshmi says even she is his and only of Rishi. Karishma tells Neelam that they have to oust Lakshmi from the house at the earliest. Neelam gets thinking. Lakshmi cups Rishi’s face and says we both have right on each other and I will not give the right to anyone. Sonia sees their romance and hears their conversation. Lakshmi tells Rishi that if Malishka tries to snatch her right from her, then she will make her vanish. Sonia smiles and informs everything to Malishka. They make a plan. Later Lakshmi learns about Malishka’s accident and gets shocked.

Earlier in the show, Rishi imagines talking to Lakshmi and smiles. Karishma checks on him and questions him. Rishi tells that he is searching Lakshmi as he wants water. Karishma thinks Lakshmi made Ayush as Servant and Rishi mad about her. Kiran hugs Karishma and says they will leave now. Rishi says bye. Kiran tells that he used to drop them always. Lakshmi tells that he will not come now. Ayush drops Simmy and her husband to their home. They thank him. Ayush drives off, thinks why Mom and Mami are biased with Lakshmi and don’t see her goodness. He sees Shalu walking on the road and follows her.

Lakshmi tells Kiran that things were different before, now he is married to me. She tells that they have done duties of husband and wife, and they shall respect the limitation of relation. Kiran tells that Malishka came before you. Lakshmi tells that Rishi is married to her and she is his wife. Karishma scolds Lakshmi. Dadi supports Lakshmi. Lakshmi apologizes, says she couldn’t insult anyone, but can’t bear if anyone tries to snatch her husband on karwachauth fast. She warns Malishka. Rishi goes behind lakshmi to ask why she said this.


Bhagya Lakshmi 13th November 2022 Written Update Lakshmi Rishi endearing romance:

Shalu is walking on the road and senses someone is following her. Ayush is following her in his car. Shalu calls him and tells that someone is following her. Ayush finds Simmy’s gift boxes and tells Shalu that he will make the guy leave. He leaves from there to deliver the gift to Simmy. Some goons surround Shalu. Shalu calls Ayush and finds him arriving there in his car. She tells the goons that Ayush will beat them up with sticks. Ayush runs away from there in his car. The goons make fun of Ayush and tell the guy ran away. Lakshmi is furious with Rishi and scolds him for not standing for her, and for not replying to Kiran. She tells that even Dadi stood for her, but he was silent. Rishi likes Lakshmi’s possessiveness for him. Lakshmi is upset and scolds him for not calling her as his wife. She goes asking him to keep smiling. Rishi thinks she is showing rights of being his wife. Shalu warns the goons and runs away. The goon tells that they shall take chilled bear.

Shalu tries to seek help, but nobody stops the car. Ayush returns and asks if everything is fine. Shalu doesn’t want to talk to him. Ayush tells that it is time to get them beaten up and the Police Inspector and constables get down from his car. Ayush tells the goons that he is different type of hero and don’t take law in his hands. He tells that he can do anything for Shalu, even if they were 400 then also he wouldn’t have let them touch her. The Police arrests and take them. Shalu asks Ayush why he didn’t tell her before running away. Ayush tells her that if he had told that they would have got alerted and kidnapped her. Shalu realizes and said that he is not Jhalla.

Lakshmi is working in the kitchen. Rishi helps her and keeps the plate. She asks will I smile? Rishi asks why is she hyper and why her mood is bad? Lakshmi asks him not to ask. Rishi says I took 4 plates already. He says mood is much bad. Lakshmi asks him not to take her name. Rishi tells that Lakshmi Oberoi is very upset. He calls green chilli as Lakshmi. Lakshmi says don’t take my name. Rishi tells that he is calling chilli as Lakshmi. She says you are calling me Chilli. He tells that he is calling Chilli as Lakshmi. He says Chilli is as strong as her. He tells that if I said something then would have proved that you can’t fight your own war. He tells that another reason is that when you fight with the people, that you have right on me, I feel like I am just yours. Lakshmi looks at him surprised and emotional.

Shalu and Ayush are in the car. Ayush asks Shalu why is she smiling cutely. Shalu tells that she is smiling for him. She praises him for using his wits and calling Police. She tells him about Billu, who used to use his mind rather than his power. She tells that she used to like him very much. Ayush gets jealous and stops the car. He asks Shalu if she loved him. Shalu asks what is he saying? Ayush removes his jacket and shows his biceps and triceps. He asks her to call him and tells that he will beat him. Shalu says she is sure that Billu will win from him. Ayush thinks she didn’t tell me before that she used to like Billu a lot, and thinks he was doing Shalu Shalu. Shalu tells that Billu was her cousin. Ayush says he liked Billu a lot and tells that he will become muscle man like him. Shalu reminds him of his own words. Ayush tells that he will make body as she likes. She asks if he is jealous? Ayush says no. He stops the car and asks her to get down from the car.

Shalu asks why you are angry again. Ayush asks her to look around. She asks why didn’t you say straight that my house came. He asks why? Shalu tells that she praises him behind his back. Neha is waiting for Auto and sees Ayush and Shalu. She calls Ayush. Ayush asks who is she? Shalu says Neha. Ayush says bye. Neha asks why did he come? Ayush tells that he came to drop Shalu. Neha asks him to drop her to her friend’s house. Ayush refuses. Neha gets upset and goes. Ayush leaves. Neha is standing for Auto and comes back to Shalu. She then scolds Shalu for not asking Ayush to drop her. Lakshmi recalls Rishi’s words that he is just hers, and reminisces their magical moments. She recalls Karishma’s warning and Neelam’s words favoring Malishka.

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