Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh critical

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh critical

Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh critical Anjali is about to give compliment to Arjun/Karan on his accomplishments. Preeta makes an entry there, tells him that she will give him a compliment. She calls him criminal shocking Karan. Karan asks what? Preeta tells Karan that Anjali did Rishabh’s accident on his sayings. Karan is clueless and looks at Anjali. Kareena brings Police to Karan’s house and tells Inspector that Anjali attempted to murder Rishabh. Karan shocked. The Inspector arrests Anjali and takes her from there.

Earlier in the show, Preeta gets Kavya’s call and she says that she has to go to school and meet her friends. Preeta says she wants her to rest for 1 or 2 days. Kavya insists to go. Preeta says ok, I will come and take you to school. Rishabh says I will drop her to school. They sit in the auto. Arjun hears them. Preeta looks at him, as they leave. Karan tells Anjali that he will go and meet Kavya. Anjali says Preeta gave the notice yesterday. Karan says please make me talk to her. Anjali says you also take care of my goodness. Karan says no. Anjali tells Karan that he has to repay her favor one day and then asks him to win the award. She goes. Karan thinks they must have taken her to school. He says if Kavya gets unwell then I will sue them. Preeta asks Rishabh to go to office and says she will go in cab. They leave.

Anjali comes to Kavya and asks how is she? Kavya says she is fine and tells about writing letter to Karan. Anjali asks if she wants to talk to Karan. Kavya says yes. Preeta calls Rishabh and tells him that Kavya has forgotten the tiffin on the back seat. Rishabh says I will go and give tiffin to her. Anjali calls Karan and asks him to talk to Kavya. Kavya makes video call and asks him to meet her. She says she is missing him. The call is ended. Karan ends the call after talking to Anjali and thinks very soon he will bring back his angel to himself.


Kundali Bhagya 14th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh critical:

Preeta stops the cab driver and tells that she will go by herself from here. Karan looks at her and recalls Preeta getting restraining orders for him from the court,to refrain his meeting with Kavya. He sits in his car and sees Preeta walking on the road, and smiling looking at the air bubbles blew by the kids playing there. Karan gets hooked to her smiles. Preeta talks to someone. He sits in his car and goes. Preeta looks back senses something. Kavya comes back to Anjali and says she wants to tell her something. School peon comes there and asks Kavya to come inside, as class is about to begin. Anjali asks him to let her talk to her. School peon insists Kavya to come. Kavya tells Anjali that she will talk to her later. Peon asks if she calls elders by their names. Kavya tells that Anjali is her friend. Anjali asks what she wanted to say. Kavya says I like you. Anjali says I like you so much, you are my favorite. Peon asks Anjali to go and asks Kavya to come inside.

Rishabh comes there to give the tiffin to Kavya, while Anjali is leaving. She hits Rishabh’s car accidentally and faints with minor injury. Rishabh also faints after head injury. Peon calls someone. Later Anjali gains consciousness in the hospital. Nurse asks who is coming, your boyfriend. Karan comes there and asks Anjali what happened to her. Anjali tells that while she was taking her car from parking, she was taking reverse and crashed the car. Karan asks how is she? Anjali tells that it is good that you have come, else I wouldn’t have been alive. Karan asks Nurse how is she? Nurse says she got discharged. Anjali says she got herself discharged to tease him. She gets up from bed and feels pain. Karan asks Nurse to bring wheel chair. Anjali tells that he don’t want wheel chair as he is with her to take care of her. Karan asks how is the person whose accident you have done. Anjali says I didn’t see who was he? Karan tells it is a wonder that you don’t know.

Rishabh is in the hospital and unconscious. Sameer asks Dadi not to worry, and tells that Doctor said that he is safe and out of danger. It is good that he brought here on time. Preeta asks if Rakhi Maa know? Dadi says no. Shristi says thank god, nothing major happened and he is fine. Peon says it seems that girl did this accident intentionally. Preeta asks who did this accident? Peon says Anjali, I saw her with Kavya many times in school. Shristi shows Anjali’s pic. Peon confirms it. Doctor comes there and asks everyone to go out and let Patient rest. Dadi requests that they shall be there for sometime. Doctor lets them stay for sometime. Karan asks Anjali why you are smiling? He says I told that you shall take wheelchair, but you wanted to walk. He says don’t behave as if nothing happened to her. She says she is fine, and tells that he is cute in anger. Preeta comes out of Rishabh’s ward and hears them talking as they are leaving.

Karan asks Anjali to give some nice compliment like he is handsome. Preeta interrupts them and tells that she will give him compliment. She calls him criminal. Karan asks what? Preeta says so on your sayings, Anjali did Rishabh ji’s accident. Anjali asks if that car was of Rishabh. Karan asks if he is fine. Preeta says don’t show your fake concern for him, he is fine with God’s grace. Anjali apologizes to Preeta and says I didn’t know that it was Rishabh’s car, I didn’t do intentionally. Shristi says you are lying and asks if she wanted to kill Rishabh. Anjali says I didn’t do it intentionally. Preeta says you are not innocent as you appear, you did his accident intentionally and you wanted to harm him, on his sayings. Anjali asks why will I do this? Karan tells Preeta that he will understand wise talks, but not nonsense talks.

Preeta says your reality is hiding in these nonsense talks. She blames Anjali for doing Rishabh’s accident and attempting to kill him. Anjali asks why will I do this? Preeta tells that she will do this, as he asked her to do this, and she loves him, he is her boyfriend. She asks will you do anything to impress your boss. Karan tells Preeta that if Rishabh is good, that his Anjali is also good. Preeta says Anjali tried to kill Rishabh ji on your sayings. Anjali says she didn’t do it. Preeta says may be Arjun/Karan haven’t asked her, but may be you have done this as you love him. She says this girl will be punished. Karan asks Shristi to take Preeta from there and tells that he don’t want to talk to her. He asks Preeto to bang her head on doors and windows and asks Anjali to come. They leave.

Preeta comes to Rishabh’s ward and asks Doctor about his condition. Doctor says he will soon gain consciousness and asks her to go out. Sameer comes there and tells that Rakhi and Mahesh are coming there. Preeta says she didn’t want them to come here and see his condition. Rakhi and Mahesh come there. Rakhi asks Doctor how is he? Doctor says he is fine. Preeta takes everyone out of the ward.

Karan brings Anjali home. Anjali gets happy to get his attention and recalls Preeta’s words that she did Rishabh’s accident as she loves Karan. She recalls Karan taking stand for her against Preeta. He makes her take tablets. Anjali tells that today he stood for her. Karan tells that he don’t understand Preeta, she always blame, she was angry as if she loves Rishabh. Anjali says I feel that you don’t care for me, and is jealous that Preeta is thinking about Rishabh. She says she is feeling something good. He asks her to say. Anjali says you care for me and that’s why came running to the hospital for me, you stood by me. He asks why do you think that I don’t care for you. He praises her for whatever she has done for him. He appreciates her for agreeing to make him talk to Kavya. He says like you do for me with your heart, I also wan’t to do something for you with my heart. He stops and asks if he shall drop her to room. Anjali nods no and smiles. Karan looks back. She drinks wine.

Shristi tells Sameer that Preeta scolded Anjali so much that her heart felt peace, but Arjun/Karan was taking Anjali’s side. Sameer asks her not to think about Arjun and forget it. Rakhi asks Peon what is he doing here? Peon tells that the accident happened outside the school. He says Anjali hit Rishabh’s car, and it seems she doesn’t know proper driving. Doctor comes out and asks ward boy to call senior doctor. Preeta asks what happened? Doctor tells that they are trying to make him stable and tells that when he met with an accident, his head bang with force. He asks them to understand that he has deep head injury so they have to treat him carefully.

Rakhi prays for Rishabh and says if Anjali did this accident intentionally then punish her for her dongs. Everyone is standing outside the ICU/ward. Kareena gets angry. Karan asks Anjali what Kavya told her. Anjali says kavya was upset, but she loves you a lot. Karan says I know, she is my daughter and I love her a lot. Servant comes there and informs that Police has come. Kareena has brought Police there and complains to Inspector to arrest Anjali for attempting to murder Rishabh. Karan is shocked.

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