Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update Rishabh trapped

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update Rishabh trapped

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update Rishabh trapped Rishabh helps Anjali on learning that her car broke down midway. Like a true gentleman, he offers to drop her. Anjali takes an advantage of the situation, remembering Arjun’s words that Arjun wants to see Rishabh behind bars at any cost. She plans to accuse Rishabh of molestation and send him to the jail. She tells him that the storm has arrived in their lives. Preeta grows worried for Rishabh, when she fails to connect to him. Preeta is also concerned after noticing a bad omen.

In a shocking moment, Anjali catches hold of Rishabh and makes advances towards him. She tells him that she finds him really handsome, she always liked him and wanted to be with him. Rishabh is stunned by her growing madness when she forces herself on him. Rakhi gets worried at home by the big bad omen, when the diya is suddenly lit off. She tells Bani that it’s a bad omen that has made her heart restless. Rishabh asks Anjali what is she doing. She tells that she wants to know if he feels the same for her.

Kundali Bhagya 21st November 2022 Written Update Rishabh trapped:


Rishabh drops Anjali home. She asks him to come inside the house. He tells that Preeta would be waiting for him. She apologizes to him for arguing with him in the conference room. He tells that its totally fine. She insists him to have a cup of tea with her. He tells that Kavya doesn’t sleep until he reaches home, he has to rush. Anjali pretends of getting hurt while stepping down the car. She tells that she will manage on her own.

Rishabh cares for Anjali and takes her inside the house, when she isn’t able to walk properly. Anjali eyes him. Rakhi finds Bani resting and asks her why didn’t she sleep till now, why is she sitting alone. Bani asks her not to overthink, she just wanted to sit alone for sometime. She praises Rakhi for being a daughter figure for her. Rakhi gets emotional, considering herself lucky to get Bani as her mother in law. Bani hugs Rakhi and blesses her to always stay happy. Rakhi takes Bani to the room. Rishabh thinks of leaving from Anjali’s house. He tells that he will go, Preeta is waiting for him for dinner.

Anjali asks him to sit and have a cup of tea. Rishabh gets helpless to listen to her request. She asks him to help her in handling the legal papers. He tells that he can’t do it. She asks him to just check the papers once, then her legal team will handle it. She tells that they will be breaking their collaboration. She asks him to take her to the study room. Rishabh assists her. She tries getting closing to him. He feels uncomfortable and distances himself when she kneels towards him. He asks her to not lose balance and just sit. He tells that they should have not come to the study. He asks her to mail the papers to him.

She asks him if he will have a drink. He feels odd and refuses. He tells that he will go home. She asks him to have a drink. He calls it too much. He tells that he has to drive soon. She asks him not to feel awkward. He takes a drink. She thinks to take him to her bedroom and make a shocking story that ruins his reputation. Rakhi and Bani worry for the bad omen, when they see the diya/lamp’s flame extinguished. Bani pacifies a worried Rakhi to calm her tension.

Rakhi lights the diya again and prays for her family. She wants her family to stay protected. Anjali finds excuses to stop Rishabh. Rishabh tells that he has to leave, Preeta is waiting for him. Anjali insists him to have another drink. He asks her to leave his hand, he isn’t angry, but he has to go home. She asks him to make a drink for himself and her. The maid gets the tea. Rishabh tells that he won’t have drink, he will have the tea. Anjali hands the glass of drink to him. Anjali crosses her limits by her shocking move. She compliments Rishabh’s looks while getting close to him.

He tells that he should leave. She stops him from leaving. He asks her to take care of herself. She falls down to get his help. Rishabh tends to help, and falls into trouble when Anjali forces herself on him. He is stunned by the unexpected behavior. Rakhi tells Bani that she feels scared for Rishabh, who has tolerated a lot in the recent times. She feels Rakhi has fallen alone, since Karan left them. Bani tells that they all are with Rishabh. Rakhi tells that Karan isn’t with them, nobody can fill Karan’s place. They cry for Karan.

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