Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Preeta awaited

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Preeta awaited

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Preeta awaited Pandit tells Rakhi that he can’t start the puja, he has already told her that he wants the entire list of puja items in front of him, he can’t start the puja without the required items. Rakhi and Kareena get worried when the puja halts because of Preeta. They await Preeta, who is still in the market, arguing with Karan. Preeta tells Karan that he saved her once again, but still her opinion about him stays the same. She adds that she doesn’t want him around her husband, daughter and family. She asks him to get away from her family for once and all. She tells that she won’t forget his past deeds by seeing his present deed.

Earlier in the show, Kareena wants to show Kritika’s kundali to the pandit. She tells Bani that Kritika stays depressed these days. Preeta asks Arjun why is he calling her his wife. Karan tells that she is his wife. She scolds him for calling her his wife. He tells that he isn’t lying. She asks did he lose his mind, she isn’t his wife, she is Rishabh’s wife. He reminds that she is Karan’s wife. He apologizes to her. She asks him to stay away from her and her family. She doesn’t want him to take Karan’s name. He asks her if he hates or loves Karan. He apologizes once again. He makes an excuse to cover up for his statement. She tells that his mind is also bad. He tells that she never understands him.

Kundali Bhagya 23rd November 2022 Written Update Preeta awaited:


Shrishti asks Sameer to stay at home for the puja. He tells that he has to go to office, because even Rishabh is at home. She tells that he should be with family and attend the puja. He tells that he gets peace when he stays away from her. She gets serious and asks him to leave. He tells that he was just joking. He reminds that she used to feel proud of him when he used to go to office. She tells that she is his wife now. He tells that he will not go to office today. He hugs her. She tells that he should do his work well. He tells that she is smart, she wants him to help her in the household work.

Karan stops Preeta. He tells that he forgot to say she is his friend’s wife, it was a slip of tongue. He asks her not to take life lightly. He wants to know what’s so important in the purse that she risked his life. She tells that she likes the purse a lot, its special for her. He asks what’s special about it. She doesn’t want to tell him. He tells that he doesn’t want to know, but she is making him curious. He wants to break her ego, when she shows him attitude. He tells that he will drop her home. She tells them she wants him to stay away from her family. She thanks him for saving her, but doesn’t accept his help.

He wants Preeta and Kavya to come in his life. He decides to get them back from Rishabh. He gets Dadi’s call. He tells that he got her medicines. He leaves for home. Snigdha looks for Anjali. She calls Arjun to ask about Anjali. He asks her why did she call. He tells that he will come and talk to her. She gets excited. She wants to talk to Arjun about her feelings. Preeta arrives home late. Pandit asks for the puja items. Preeta hands over the bag to him. Girish tells that Rishabh wants help in selecting the clothes. Preeta goes to help Rishabh. Rishabh is relieved to see her. He asks her what would he wear. She asks why did he get all those clothes out. He tells that Girish has done this.

She tells that Girish doesn’t know about his preference. She finds the perfect kurta for him. He calls it magic that she always sorts things for him. Kavya comes to his room and asks about the mess. He tells that Girish has done this. Kavya likes his pink kurta. Rishabh agrees to wear their choice. He thanks Preeta for sorting his life. Karan comes home and is surprised to see Shekhar. Shekhar tells that he came to clear the confusion. Karan asks Snigdha to give the medicines to Dadi.

Dadi asks Snigdha to stop staring at Karan, he is already booked, he likes Preeta. Shekhar tells Karan about Anjali and Rishabh’s heated argument in the office. Karan can’t believe this. Shekhar tells that Rishabh was too angered, he threatened Anjali, but they both were at fault. He doesn’t want such problem to arise next time. He asks Karan to be there for the meeting on time. Dadi tells Snigdha that Arjun’s heart beats only for Preeta.

Rakhi calls Mahesh kiddish. Shrishti tells that even Sameer is like him. Kareena asks her about the prasad sweets. Shrishti tells that Preeta makes the sweets for the puja. Kritika tells that she is going out. Shrishti asks her to go after the puja ends. Kritika asks her not to trouble her, the puja is kept for couples. She regrets that she has no partner. Sameer tells that Kritika is strong, she deserves someone loving. He asks her to have hope. Kritika asks him not to tease her. He tells that he is wishing her the best. Kareena asks her to stop pitying herself.

She asks Shrishti to make the prasad. Rishabh likes the clothes chosen by Preeta. He wants her attention. He finds her searching for the puja cloth. He tries to ask how is he looking. He laughs and then asks him about the kurta. She tells that its suiting him a lot. He compliments her also. She asks him to come for puja. Kareena makes Kritika sit in the puja. Pandit doesn’t find the puja items in the bag. Rakhi checks the bag. She tells that the puja items are missing. Kareena gets upset that Preeta messed up the things. Pandit asks them to arrange things on time. Kritika tells that they will miss the mahurat. Pandit tells that he can’t start the puja without the items. Rakhi gets scared of the bad omen.

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