Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh Preeta stunned

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh Preeta stunned

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh Preeta stunned Pandit asks the husbands to fill the sindoor in their wives’ hairline. Rishabh and Sameer pick the sindoor, to fill their respective wives’ hairline. Rishabh takes the sindoor to fill Preeta’s maang, but Karan shockingly stops him. He jerks off Rishabh’s hand. He pulls Preeta and makes her leave the puja. He tells that nobody else can fill sindoor in her hairline, when he is already here. Rishabh and Preeta are stunned by his words. Rishabh confronts Arjun for his strange behavior. The Luthras are all clueless.

Earlier in the show, Pandit asks them to swear of keeping the relation for seven births. Rishabh swears to support Preeta for seven births. Karan gets raged up and shouts at them, asking them to stop it. He creates a stir in the puja. Rishabh and Preeta get puzzled. Karan pretends to be on a work call and rushes out. Preeta runs after him to stop. She asks him what is he doing in the house. He asks her why did she leave the puja and come after him. She asks him to answer. He tells that he got invited for the puja, and now she is questioning him. She tells that he was invited only for puja, not to roam around in the house. She asks him to stay away from her family.

Kundali Bhagya 25th November 2022 Written Update Rishabh Preeta stunned:


Karan tells Preeta that he isn’t a goon, but a respected businessman, she also knows that he can never hurt Kavya or any family member. He asks her why does she always blame him, she doesn’t want him to stay around, because she feels something for him. She calls it rubbish. Snigdha overhears them. Karan tells that her thoughts can change into reality. Preeta asks him to stay away from her family. She tells that he is in the house because of God, because of the puja. He remembers the past and calls her words right, he is in the house because of God, since she tried her best to kill him. She asks what did he say. He tells that she has no mind to understand him. He finds Snigdha there and tells her the way to the washroom. He goes away.

Preeta asks Snigdha is Arjun mad. Snigdha tells that she likes Arjun. She calls Preeta jealous. She asks Preeta to stay away from Arjun. Shrishti hears their drama. Preeta tells that she had filed a police complaint to keep Arjun away from the family. She asks Shrishti to see Snigdha’s reaction. Shrishti tells that Snigdha likes Arjun a lot. Preeta tells that she was fighting with Arjun. Shrishti tells that we fight with those we like the most. Preeta calls her mad. Shrishti asks her if the kalava is ready. Preeta tells that its ready. Karan is treated well by the Luthras. He tells Rishabh that he has done everything in Preeta and Kavya’s side, he is really sorry about Raja. Rishabh asks him to go if he wants. Preeta asks him to attend the puja and take the prasad before going.

Pandit asks both the couples to sit for the puja. He asks the husbands to fill sindoor in their wives’ hairline. Karan stops Rishabh from filling sindoor in Preeta’s hairline. He appears crazy to the family. He pulls Preeta and tells that nobody can fill sindoor in her hairline when he is there. Rishabh catches hold of Arjun and asks how dare he say such a thing. He bashes up Arjun. Karan asks Preeta did he identify him or not. He tells her that he is the one she is thinking. Rishabh hits him. Preeta sheds tears. Karan pushes Rishabh aside. He goes to tell Preeta that he is her Karan.

Rakhi cries emotionally. Karan tells Preeta that she will always be of him for the seven births. He asks Preeta to come with her. Preeta refuses to believe him. She tells that even if he is Karan, she won’t go with him, because she is Rishabh’s wife now. She stands by Rishabh. She tells that she won’t go anywhere, leaving her husband. Rishabh holds Preeta’s hand. Karan’s imagination ends, and he finds them peacefully doing the puja. He fails to control his emotions. He wants to leave.

Dadi stops him. He complains of headache and goes away. Dadi apologizes that she has to leave, because Arjun isn’t fine. Rishabh asks Preeta did she say anything to Arjun. Preeta tells that she asked Arjun to leave. Dadi asks Karan to let Snigdha drive. He tells that he can’t risk his life. Dadi asks him not to drive when he has a headache. Dadi asks him to sit in the backseat and rest. Shrishti and Sameer have a funny moment, when she tries to confess love to him. Preeta remembers Karan, while performing the puja. Rishabh finds her getting upset and makes her smile.

Rishabh also misses Karan. He wishes that he could bring her smile back. Karan remembers Preeta’s words and gets tearful eyes. Karan asks Snigdha to stop the car. Snigdha stops the car. Karan gets down the car. She apologizes and asks him to drive. He tells that he never tried to hurt Kavya, he feels hurt that everyone behaves badly with him. She asks him the matter. He apologizes. The stormy winds distracts the family during the puja. Pandit asks them to focus on the puja. Bani feels something wrong is going to occur. Anjali arrives with the police.

Shrishti tells Preeta about the Akhand Jyot extinguishing. Rishabh and Preeta rush and save the diya. Luthras are shocked to see Anjali with the police. Inspector asks for Rishabh Luthra. Anjali accuses Rishabh. Inspector announces Rishabh’s arrest. The family asks Inspector about the charges. Rishabh asks what’s the matter. Anjali tells that the family is acting innocent, they all are devils. Rishabh asks her to control her tongue. He rebukes her for insulting his family. She tells that Rishabh has molested her. Preeta and the entire family are shocked by such dirty blame on Rishabh.

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