Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Aarohi evil plan 26th November 2022

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Aarohi evil plan 26th November 2022

Yeh Rishta Kya Kehlata Aarohi evil plan 26th November 2022 Abhimanyu gets trapped in Aarohi’s new plan. She accuses him for slapping him, and covers up her crime. She doesn’t reveal that she was stealing Abhimanyu’s important file. She wanted to find out Abhimanyu’s secret and had stolen Akshara’s medical file, which left Abhimanyu agitated. Neil shouts on Abhimanyu, and thinks the latter has slapped his wife. He asks Abhimanyu what did he do, how can slap Aarohi. He yells at Abhimanyu in front of the entire family, blaming that Abhimanyu has insulted Aarohi. Aarohi runs to hug Neil and weeps. Abhimanyu explains to Neil that he didn’t slap Aarohi, he just turned and his hand hit her, he isn’t lying. He tells that he is telling this for the last time.

He asks Neil is he lying. Neil calls him a liar. Abhimanyu tells that it just happened by mistake. Akshara asks Neil what is the matter. Neil tells that the entire family can get against Aarohi and think anything they want, but he will support his wife, he will believe her when she is saying that Abhimanyu has slapped her. Abhimanyu asks Neil what is he saying, when he knows that his brother can’t slap any woman. He tells that he respects women and can’t think of hurting them, he can’t slap any girl, he will not tolerate if he finds any guy slapping a girl. He asks Neil not to misunderstand him. Neil asks if Abhimanyu will slap him as well.

Abhimanyu asks him to calm down. Neil asks how can he call Aarohi wrong. Abhimanyu tells that Aarohi is wrong. Neil asks will he decide everything himself. Abhimanyu tells that he will decide everything because he knows he is right. Neil calls him wrong. He tells that he will not tolerate his wrong doing. Abhimanyu tells that even he won’t tolerate Aarohi’s wrong deeds. Manjiri asks them not to fight. Neil asks Abhimanyu to have some shame and apologize to Aarohi in front of everyone. Abhimanyu refuses to apologize, when he isn’t right. Manjiri and Akshara have full faith on Abhimanyu.


Shefali tells that even she has seen Abhimanyu slapping Aarohi. The police arrives in Birla house to arrest Abhimanyu. Someone has called the police and charged Abhimanyu with domestic violence. Aarohi steps ahead and saves Abhimanyu from the charges. She tells that she wants to withdraw the case, she doesn’t know who filed the case on her behalf, it was just Abhimanyu’s mistake, an accident, her in-laws treat her with love and respect. She proves herself right and wins Neil’s trust. She tries to get into the family’s good books by saving Abhimanyu. Aarohi hides the fact that she had called the police.

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