Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update Preeta’s fate

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update Preeta's fate

Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update Preeta’s fate Preeta tells Arjun that he is responsible for Rishabh’s arrest, no matter how long he denies this, she will expose his truth and save Rishabh. Rishabh misses the family, especially Preeta. He is worried thinking of the defamation faced by the family post his arrest. Preeta warns Arjun that she will end his ties with the family, she will save Rishabh and then make Arjun away from her life. Karan tells that she can never make him away, because he is a part of her fate. Karan promises Rakhi that he will bring Rishabh out of this mess. Anjali finally accepts her feelings for Arjun. She exhibits her madness for her love, Arjun, for whom she has taken revenge on Rishabh. How will Karan learn Anjali’s plan and stop her from ruining Rishabh? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Rakhi confronts Arjun. She knows Anjali is lying. She asks Anjali if she is doing this because of Arjun. Karan gets reprimanded by Rakhi. Rakhi tells that she loved him like she used to love Karan, even then he has hurt her heart. She regrets that he played with her emotions. Kareena asks her not to compare Arjun with Karan, he can never be like Karan. Rakhi tells that she made a big mistake in identifying Arjun, Karan had a big heart, he never hurt anyone, he was a true person. She asks Arjun why did he break her heart. She requests him to leave from their lives. Karan apologizes to them. He promises to fix everything. Kareena tells that Rakhi is emotional and trusts anyone, but she won’t believe his fake promises. She asks him to fix the wrong if he wants to help them.


Kundali Bhagya 30th November 2022 Written Update Preeta’s fate:

Dadi asks Arjun will he go against Anjali and support the wrong, Rishabh has molested her. Karan asks her not to worry, he trusts Rishabh a lot, Rishabh can’t do such a thing. Dadi finds Arjun a nice person that he is supporting Luthras so much. She wants to know Arjun and Preeta’s connection. Anjali asks Preeta not to drag Arjun in between. Preeta tells that Arjun might have offered her money to blame Rishabh. She asks Anjali why is she doing this. She knows that Anjali isn’t molested by Rishabh, she might be doing this because of her selfish motive, maybe she is under pressure by Arjun.

She asks him not to trust Arjun, he is a bad person, he doesn’t think good for Luthras. She warns Anjali. She asks her the situation because of which she is lying. Anjali asks her if she asked her the truth. Preeta tells that she is very sure, Anjali is lying, she trusts Rishabh. Anjali asks her to believe others. She tells the truth to Preeta. She adds that Rishabh threatened her in front of everyone in the office, her car broke down and Rishabh offered her lift, she accepted the lift by believing him, he insisted that he will have a cup of tea, she took him home by trusting him, he said he wanted to check some project papers in the study, he got close to her and became a devil.

Preeta asks her to shut up and stop making such bad stories. She tells that she knows Rishabh well, she will never believe her. She wanted to help Anjali, after knowing the problem. She asks Anjali why is she lying so much. Anjali’s friend Priyanka defends her, and asks Preeta to question Rishabh. Preeta tells that Anjali is cleanly lying. She asks Priyanka not to support Anjali in wrong. She lectures Priyanka for supporting the wrong. She tells Anjali that nobody will believe her lies. She doesn’t think Anjali can prove herself right. She challenges that she will prove Anjali wrong, then Anjali will get defamed.

She asks her to be ready to bear the consequences of her actions. Anjali gets scared. Preeta tells that Anjali is tensed, because of her lies, she is acting sick, its just a drama. Priyanka calls Preeta heartless. Anjali apologizes to the Inspector for coming to file the FIR against Rishabh. Preeta tells that Anjali has realized that her move was wrong, she was lying, she wants to take the FIR back. Anjali tells that Preeta is threatening her. Preeta tells that she didn’t threaten Anjali. Anjali asks inspector to control Preeta. Inspector asks Preeta not to threaten Anjali.

Preeta tells that she knows her husband well, Anjali is falsely blaming him, she will prove Anjali wrong, Anjali will be in trouble, her respect will be stained. She clears that she wasn’t threatening Anjali. Inspector permits her to meet Rishabh. He tells Anjali that Preeta has said that emotionally as a wife. Anjali asks him not to permit Luthras to meet her, just Arjun can meet her. Inspector tells that he won’t let anything wrong happen. Karan arrives there to meet Anjali. Inspector allows him to meet both Anjali and Rishabh. Rishabh trusts the law. He tells that law did justice with him before as well, he respects the law.

Moreover, Preeta meets Rishabh. He apologizes that he had to come in the police station to meet him, she is facing the embarrassment because of him. She tells that the entire family is with him, he shouldn’t get any negative thought in his mind, they all are together. He thanks her for trusting him. She tells that she knows him well, she trusts him, like he trusts her. She asks him not to say sorry and thanks, she totally trusts him, he won’t be there for a long time. She promises that she will take him home soon. He trusts her. Karan reaches there and finds them holding hands and sharing a moment.

Preeta asks Rishabh not to worry. He tells that he will try. She wipes his tears. Karan controls his temper. He leaves from there. Priyanka wishes that she also loved someone so much. Anjali tells that she loves Arjun a lot, she has lost her mind, she just wants his happiness. She regrets that Arjun is engaged to her sister Nidhi and that Arjun loves Preeta a lot. She tells Priyanka that she tries hard to control her emotions, but it doesn’t happen. Karan reaches Anjali. She hugs him and sheds tears. Priyanka meets him. He asks her what happened to her, where was she at night, why didn’t she take his call.

She tells that Rishabh molested her. He tells that he got to know about Rishabh’s arrest. He also shows his faith on Rishabh. She asks him if he thinks she is lying. He tells that he knows Rishabh, he can’t do such a thing. She tells that he means she is lying. He tells her that Rakhi and Kareena came to meet him, they were crying for Rishabh, he can’t see them hurt. She asks him if he can’t see her pain. She tells that she is glad, she didn’t trust him. He tells that she is angered, so she blamed Rishabh. She tells that he doesn’t trust her. She shows him the marks on her neck and arms. She tells him that Rishabh has really molested her. She lies to him that Rishabh was angry that she always supports him.

She tells that Rishabh has punished him that she works for him. She asks him if he won’t believe her after knowing the truth. She lies to him about Rishabh’s anger and hatred. Preeta asks Rishabh not to get upset, he will get over this phase. Rishabh tells that he is at peace, because she is always there for the family. He feels lucky and thankful that Preeta is a part of the family, and also his life. Preeta asks him not to thank her. She wants him to face this strongly, because the family is with him. Rishabh agrees to her. Anjali asks Arjun to support her, not Rishabh. Karan hugs her. He decides to support her and get justice for her. He apologizes to her. He promises to stand by her.

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