Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Update Anjali’s trap

Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Update Anjali's trap

Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Update Anjali’s trap Priyanka is the only person who has been a witness to Arjun and Rishabh’s conversation in the jail. She also hears Preeta warning Anjali about the case’s consequences if Anjali stays firm on her lie. Karan hears about Anjali’s fake story, but doesn’t suspect her. She convinces him by her lies. She tells Priyanka that Arjun will win the battle with Rishabh and Preeta, because she is with him, he will get anything he wants, she will help him reach his goals. Preeta and Shrishti approach a lawyer. The lawyer refuses to take Rishabh’s case. Preeta asks him why did he refuse to take the case, before knowing the case details. He tells the reason that he is Anjali’s lawyer now, he has taken the case to fight from Anjali’s side. Preeta and Shrishti lose heart on failing to get any help for Rishabh.

Earlier in the show, Preeta keeps her faith strong on Rishabh. She tells that she understood Anjali is very clever, maybe Arjun is also supporting her, they both can try to harm Luthras, but justice will prevail, she will prove the truth. She asks Anjali to accept her lie, and save her name from getting tarnished, else be ready to bear the consequences. Anjali asks her to make Rishabh accept his mistake, if he wants to avoid the strict punishment. Preeta feels sorry for Anjali. She promises to bring out Anjali’s true face. Priyanka finds Preeta warning Anjali. She asks Anjali to tell the truth to everyone that she lied about Rishabh. Karan gets to hear about Anjali’s lie, and seems shocked.


Kundali Bhagya 2nd December 2022 Written Update Anjali’s trap:

Priyanka asks Anjali to go and tell the truth to everyone, that whatever she told before is a lie. Karan is shocked to hear this. He asks Anjali did she lie, was Preeta saying the truth. Rishabh apologizes to the family. He tells that he is feeling sorry to defame the family, he never wanted them to visit him in jail. Kareena tells that he is the perfect child for them, he is innocent, Anjali has falsely blamed him. Mahesh apologizes to him that he couldn’t get a lawyer for Rishabh. Shrishti tells Rishabh that Malkani knew about the case already and refused to take the case.

Rishabh tells that he didn’t inform any lawyer. Rakhi is afraid that Rishabh will be regarded a culprit. She cries for her son. She regrets that she isn’t able to save him. Karan asks Anjali what is Priyanka saying. Anjali lies to him that she has hidden a fact, she wasn’t drunk, but she didn’t tell this to the police, because she would be blamed. Rishabh asks Mahesh to console Rakhi. Mahesh asks Rakhi not to discourage Rishabh. Rishabh tells them that he knows about his strong parents, they are his strength. He promises that he will come back home. He asks Rakhi to keep the trust on him, he will never do such a thing that defames the family.

He tells that he is innocent, he didn’t do anything wrong. Rakhi tells that she trusts him, he is innocent and would come home soon. Kareena breaks down. Rishabh asks Shrishti to take care of Kareena. Karan asks Anjali not to blame herself, he is with her, against the world’s judgment. He tells that she always supported him, now its his turn to support her. He goes to meet the lawyer. Shrishti hugs Kareena, while the latter acts stern. She tells that she has seen Kareena’s love for Rishabh. Kareena tells that Rishabh is her life, she loves him, he is a perfect son, her heart cries when Rishabh cries, he never does anything wrong, but he is in pain. She can’t tolerate this. Shrishti wipes her tears.

Kareena asks her to stay away from her. She doesn’t want anyone to know that she was crying. Shrishti tells that she got to know it, Kareena isn’t so bad, she is also emotional and loving. Priyanka tells Anjali that Arjun and Preeta will ultimately trust Rishabh. She thinks Anjali will get trapped in her own plan. Anjali tells that Arjun is with her. She wants Arjun to win the battle with Rishabh because she is with him. Preeta doesn’t want Rishabh to lose his respect. She decides to fight and win for her family’s sake. Mahesh asks Rishabh not to worry. Preeta meets Rishabh again.

She tells that they have to make Anjali confess her lie. Shrishti tells that she didn’t like Anjali since the start. Rishabh tells that he wants to tell them what happened that night. Preeta tells that he doesn’t need to explain anything, they trust him, they just need some time. Rishabh asks them to go home. The family goes away. Rishabh tells Preeta that its enough for him to see her trying to free him, he just wants to spend his life with them. He asks her not to tell anything to Kavya. Preeta asks him not to worry. Bani feels dizzy. Kritika takes care of her.

The reporters don’t spare them, and behaves badly with them. Karan reaches there and scolds the reporter who troubles Rishabh. The reporter asks Karan why is he angry when he is hearing about Rishabh. Karan tells that Rishabh isn’t such person to do wrong. Bani asks him what does he want to do, Anjali got Rishabh arrested and now he is praising Rishabh. Karan tells that he told what he felt in his heart. Bani tells that strangely bad things are happening in their life since he came. She falls weak. Karan helps Bani. Kritika refuses to take his help, but Karan scolds her like he used to scold before. He takes them home.

Preeta tells Mahesh that she will meet Malkani and try to convince him. Shrishti tells that they will find some other lawyer. Preeta tells that Malkani knows Rishabh well, he is a good lawyer, he will win their case. Mahesh doesn’t think Malkani will agree. Shrishti accompanies Preeta. They come to Malkani’s office. Malkani refuses to meet them. Preeta asks him why is he behaving in such a way. He tells that he can take the case by his choice. Shrishti questions his decision.

He tells that Rishabh’s case is complicated, he is Anjali’s lawyer this time. Shrishti scolds him for not believing Rishabh. Malkani tells them that no good lawyer will take Rishabh’s case. Karan asks Bani what does she want to say. Bani tells that he knows it well, Rishabh is innocent. Karan tells that he isn’t sure of that. Malkani tells that Anjali has produced evidences, which nobody can deny. Preeta tells that he will lose Anjali’s case.

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