Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2022 Written Update Preeta challenges

Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2022 Written Update Preeta challenges

Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2022 Written Update Preeta challenges Karan drops Bani and Kritika home. He gets to hear taunts from Rakhi, which makes him feel heartbroken. Rakhi tells Kritika that she doesn’t want anyone from her family to get in touch with Arjun. She disregards Arjun from her heart. She asks Arjun to stay away from her family, just like Preeta warned him. Karan gets upset and leaves from there. Later, Preeta meets Karan at his house. They get into an argument about Rishabh’s arrest. Preeta tells Karan that she has come to tell him that he won this time, she has lost but not forever. She congratulates him for his short-time victory, which was the final one for him. she tells that she will win tomorrow and get Rishabh bailed out. Anjali fills Karan’s ears against Preeta. How will Preeta prove Rishabh innocent? Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Shrishti accompanies Preeta. They come to advocate Malkani’s office. Malkani refuses to meet them. Preeta asks him why is he behaving in such a way. He tells that he can take the case by his choice. Shrishti questions his decision.


He tells that Rishabh’s case is complicated, he is Anjali’s lawyer this time. Shrishti scolds him for not believing Rishabh. Malkani tells them that no good lawyer will take Rishabh’s case. Karan asks Bani what does she want to say. Bani tells that he knows it well, Rishabh is innocent. Karan tells that he isn’t sure of that. Malkani tells that Anjali has produced evidences, which nobody can deny. Preeta tells that he will lose Anjali’s case.

Kundali Bhagya 5th December 2022 Written Update Preeta challenges:

Preeta tells the lawyer that he will lose the case if he fights it from Anjali’s side. She sounds confident that she will get justice for Rishabh. The lawyer doesn’t want anyone to take Rishabh’s case. He feels Rishabh has no chance to come out of the jail. Karan brings Bani and Kritika home. Rakhi asks Bani why did she come with Arjun. Kritika tells that Bani wasn’t feeling good, Arjun helped them. Rakhi asks why did she take Arjun’s help. She gets rude towards Arjun and clears that it will be better if they stay away from him. Karan asks her why is she saying such a thing.

She asks him not to talk to her, because she feels hatred for him. She tells that he should spare Rishabh from his evil. He tells that he will try to fix everything. She slaps him. She asks him to slap her back if he wants, but not harm Rishabh. Preeta approaches many lawyers, who condemn Rishabh’s case and refuse to help. Priyanka asks Anjali about the bruises. Anjali tells Priyanka that she created the marks to prove her molestation charges right. She explains that everything is fair in love and war, she loves Arjun, who is already engaged to her sister.

She tells that now she has a battle with Rishabh. Karan sadly comes home. He cries recalling Rakhi’s upsetness. Anjali tells that Luthras will get ruined by the blames she has posted on them. She wants their company to win all the business awards. Her first priority is Arjun. She wants to get justice for Arjun. Karan meets Anjali and shocks her by asking her to withdraw the case against Rishabh. Preeta comes home to meet Arjun. Dadi doesn’t want her to rebuke Arjun and hurt him when he isn’t at fault. Preeta asks her to let her talk to Arjun once, its really important.

Anjali asks Arjun what is he saying. Karan asks her to withdraw the case, he doesn’t think Rishabh can commit such a crime. He can’t see his mother in pain. He tells her that he has seen Rakhi’s hatred for him, because Rakhi is crying for Rishabh. Anjali asks him if he feels Rishabh is innocent. He tells that he feels Rishabh can’t do such a thing. She tells that she doesn’t want to hurt him, but reminds that Rishabh had tried to murder him, he snatched his wife, daughter and family from him.

Karan tells that he isn’t talking about his personal revenge, he can’t see Rakhi hurt, she is in much pain, she will get happy if Rishabh gets out of jail. She reminds him that Rishabh has done many mistakes, he has no regrets. She tells that Arjun saved Kavya, but Preeta handed the restraining orders. He tells that he knows Preeta is wrong, she will get punished, but its about Rishabh. She asks him to withdraw the case right away. He learns that Preeta has come to meet him. He tells Anjali that he will inform Preeta about their decision of case withdrawal.

Anjali tells Priyanka that Arjun is supporting his brother, this is expected, he knows his brother well, Rishabh is a nice person, he can’t molest any girl. She wants to stick to her words so that she isn’t proved wrong. She is ready to hurt Arjun’s heart for the goal. Preeta accuses Arjun for stopping the lawyers from taking Rishabh’s case. Karan denies it. She tells him that she knows his every move, she asked the lawyers not to take Rishabh’s case. He asks her to sort out the matter calmly. Anjali tells Priyanka that she had asked the lawyers not to take Rishabh’s case, by proving Rishabh wrong.

Preeta congratulates Arjun for his last win. She tells that she will win tomorrow, the entire family loves Rishabh. He asks her if she loves Rishabh a lot. She answers with a yes. She tells that she loves Rishabh. He asks her if she loves Rishabh more than her first husband Karan, emotions transfer from one person to another. She asks him to shut up, he can’t question her anything personal. She doesn’t want to talk about Karan. He tells that she didn’t love Karan. She tells that she loves Rishabh a lot, she never loved anyone so much in her life. Her answer shocks Karan.

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