Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2022 Written Update Karan saves Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2022 Written Update Karan saves Rishabh

Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2022 Written Update Karan saves Rishabh The judge gives the verdict against Rishabh. He tells that all the evidences are against Rishabh, he has molested Anjali. Karan makes an entry in the nick of time and shouts that Rishabh didn’t molest Anjali. Anjali is shocked to see Arjun supporting Rishabh and so are the Luthras. Karan has taken the step to find the truth in Rishabh’s favor, after seeing Rakhi’s total faith on her son. He regrets to know that Anjali had plotted revenge on Rishabh in this way to ruin his reputation and business. He also realizes that Anjali has done everything for his sake. He doesn’t want Rishabh to bear punishment for the crime he didn’t commit. He steps ahead to save Rishabh, surprising Preeta.

Earlier in the show, Rishabh asks Preeta not to worry, they have to accept the court verdict, they will appeal in supreme court if the verdict isn’t in their favor, they have to find a backup. He asks the family not to worry, else he will lose his courage. Karan finds Rakhi crying and asks her not to cry.


Rakhi stops him from wiping her tears. She asks him to spare her son and withdraw the case, because her son is innocent, he can never do such a bad thing. She begs him to pity her. She wants to see Rishabh and Arjun as brothers, not as enemies. Karan weeps and turns away. Rakhi apologizes to him for her harsh words spoken before. Anjali doesn’t want Arjun to melt his heart. Rishabh tells Mahesh that they can’t force anyone to fight their case, they will do what they find right. The lawyers present the case in the court. Luthras get worried when the hearing begins, and Anjali poses dirty allegations on Rishabh. Preeta believes that Rishabh and truth will win.

Kundali Bhagya 7th December 2022 Written Update Karan saves Rishabh:

Anjali lies in the court to testify against Rishabh. She tells that she believed Rishabh since he is a family man and holds a good name in the business, she accepted the lift from him, he insisted her to have a cup of tea, she agreed to his request. Rishabh tells that she is lying since the start. He tells the judge that he doesn’t drink tea at night, she is lying, its his mistake to offer her lift just to help her. Judge asks him to let her complete. Anjali tells that Rishabh got drunk in the study room. Rishabh tells that he didn’t drink, she forced him to drink.

Anjali tells that Rishabh got drunk and tried to molest her. The family gets embarrassed hearing this lie and worry for Rishabh. Malkani tells that there is a proof against Rishabh, that’s Anjali’s CCTV camera pictures. He asks the judge to check the footage and pictures. Judge sees the footage. Malkani tells that Rishabh couldn’t fulfil his dirty wish, so he escaped from there when Anjali fought him in defence. Rishabh calls it a lie. He tells that he is innocent.

Malkani produces the next evidence against Rishabh, the pictures of Anjali’s bruises. He tells that Rishabh was angry on Anjali, who works for Arjun. Malkani tells the court that Preeta had offered a job to Anjali to make her leave Arjun’s company. Preeta tells that Anjali is lying, its Arjun and Anjali’s conspiracy to frame Rishabh. Judge tells that the proofs are against Rishabh, he has molested Anjali. Karan barges into the court and tells that Rishabh didn’t molest Anjali. Anjali is shocked. Judge asks him to come in the witness box. Karan tells them the truth that Preeta is stating since a long time.

He adds that Anjali is making fun of the court. He tells that he isn’t disgusting and even his thinking isn’t such, he will just tell the truth. He tells the judge that Preeta is saying the truth, Rishabh is innocent. Rakhi happily cries. Luthras gain confidence when Arjun gives the statement in Rishabh’s favor. Karan tells that Rishabh didn’t molest Anjali, he is a nice person, he respects women, Anjali is lying about him. Anjali asks him what is he saying. Karan tells that Anjali is lying, Rishabh didn’t molest her, he is innocent in the case. He tells that Preeta wanted to prove Rishabh innocent, but he proved it, he got a clean chit for Rishabh.

He admits that he had asked Anjali to lie in the court, she had planned everything on his saying. He apologizes to the court. He tells that his inner self has awakened, Anjali has done this to take revenge on Rishabh and Preeta, because they had got restraining orders against Kavya. He tells that he saved Kavya’s life many times, still he suffered, he is the reason that Anjali did this. He apologizes to them. Judge rebukes him for his big mistake. He frees Rishabh from the false case. Anjali gets upset and leaves. Rakhi hugs Rishabh happily. Karan gives a look to Preeta and goes.

He reaches home and looks for Anjali. He meets Anjali. Anjali packs her bags to leave the house. Priyanka and Dadi ask him to stop Anjali. Anjali asks Arjun why did he stop her from doing her wishful. Karan hugs her. She reminds his promise that he will support her. She tells that she is leaving from his life forever. Luthras welcome Rishabh home. Rakhi wishes Preeta and Rishabh don’t suffer more. Sameer tells that he didn’t understand what happened, Arjun came in time and saved Rishabh. Anjali asks Arjun not to decide on her behalf. Karan asks her to relax. She doesn’t want to hear anything from him.

He tells that he will not stop her, he knows she has done this for his sake, but he can’t fight his battle in a wrong way, she didn’t need to do that. Preeta wonders how did Arjun take the case back, when he wasn’t feeling guilty, he was filled with anger, Anjali and Arjun wanted Rishabh to get punished, then Arjun took the blame on himself. Rakhi tells that she knows why he did that, Arjun chose the right path because of her.

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