Udaariyaan 8th December 2022 Unexpected twist

Udaariyaan 8th December 2022 Unexpected twist

Udaariyaan 8th December 2022 Unexpected twist Naaz sends Nehmat and Advait’s pictures to Shamsher, when the wedding rituals begin. Shamsher is hugely shocked to see the pictures. He takes Advait outside without revealing any details to anyone. Advait is also shocked on seeing Nehmat and his pictures. Naaz proves Advait and Nehmat’s romantic relationship. Shamsher confronts Advait and slaps him. Advait rages on getting accused when he is innocent. Nehmat prays for Mallika’s return. Shamsher compels Advait to marry Nehmat to save his name and reputation. He fears the pictures will leak out and Advait’s family man image will get tarnished. Keep reading.

Earlier in the show, Renuka vents out her anger on Nehmat and hurts her. Rupy and Satti protect Nehmat. Jasmin is troubled that her plan of switching the brides would fail if Mallika doesn’t come back. Nikhil meets Naaz and surprises her. Jasmin and Shelly see Nikhil and Naaz together.


Shelly tells that Naaz would be behind Mallika’s disappearance. Jasmin asks if Naaz knows about Mallika. Shelly tells that Naaz isn’t tensed about the situation, Naaz is spoiling Jasmin’s plan. Jasmin wants Naaz to sit with Advait in the mandap. She asks Shelly to delay the marriage till Mallika comes back. Nehmat attempts to connect to Ekam. Satti and Renuka get into an argument. Rupy asks them to calm down, and hide the matter from Kapoor family. Nehmat tells that she will go and find Mallika. Renuka suspects Nehmat’s intentions.

Shamsher demands an answer from Advait. He doesn’t believe Advait, when the latter explains that he was just helping Nehmat to keep her away from Shamsher’s truth. Advait didn’t want Nehmat and Ekam to find out Shamsher’s involvement in Virks accident case and also Jayveer’s murder case. He tells Shamsher that there is nothing between Nehmat and him, he was acting as a friend just to know her plans. He doesn’t have any feelings for Nehmat. Shamsher doesn’t think he is saying the truth. He asks Advait to check the pictures and tell if anyone will believe his truth.

Advait and Shamsher get into a heated argument. Shamsher doesn’t want his reputation to get ruined. He asks Advait to marry any random girl if he fails to get Mallika back. He tells that Mallika has seen the pictures and left from the wedding, she has rejected Advait. Advait is in shock and doesn’t know who to seek for help. He doesn’t think Nehmat knows anything about the pictures. Nehmat gets accused by Renuka. She faces much bitterness from Renuka. Nehmat attempts to reach Ekam, but in vain. Shamsher finally confronts Renuka about Mallika.

He tells that he doesn’t think Mallika will come back. He declares that if Advait’s marriage won’t happen today, then he won’t let Nikhil’s marriage happen either. He tells that he will call off both the marriages and take the baraat back. Naaz is in shock when her plan backfires and her marriage also falls into trouble. Jasmin’s plan of swapping the brides also fails. Shamsher and Advait try hard to save their name and reputation in the media. Shamsher is much angry that Nehmat is the cause of everything.

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